UK folks can check out the Samsung Galaxy S6 right now by heading to a Samsung Experience Shop


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge DSC08490

The Samsung Galaxy S6 isn’t due until around this time next month, but if you live in the UK and want to check it out in person you’ll be glad to know you have that opportunity right now. As reported by a SamMobile editor, all Samsung Experience Shops in the UK have demos of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to check out right now.

You may have already seen it in our hands-on, but there’s nothing quite like getting up close and personal (especially with this device’s best-in-class display and the interesting curves and contours of the S6 Edge). Be sure to head to your local SES at your earliest convenience, but don’t blame us if you end up leaving the shop with S6 fever and start getting the shakes as we await its grand arrival.

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  1. when are they going to start showing it at best buy us?

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