Mar 12th, 2015

avengers s6

There’s a good chance that the cross-section between people who like superheroes and people who like Android phones is pretty big. Manufacturers are well aware of this, which is why we’ve seen a few superhero-themed phones in the past. Samsung could be the next to take a dip into the world of comic books with the world’s most popular group of heroes.

According to rumors coming out of Korea, Samsung is considering producing handsets with a tie-in to the upcoming Avengers 2 movie. The phones seen above are concepts created by a fan on Twitter. They created a special version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 for ever member of The Avengers, including Nick Fury. We have to admit these concepts look pretty dang awesome. If Samsung does indeed go through with this it should make a lot of geeks happy (including myself).

Would you buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 Avengers Edition? Which Avenger would you want? Personally, I’m a fan of Thor, but Hawkeye concept is awesome too.

[via PhonesReview]