It is technically possible to replace the Samsung Galaxy S6’s battery


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With great advancements in design come great sacrifices that must be made. For the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, those sacrifices had to be made in areas of expandable storage and user-replaceable batteries.

The latter shortcoming is causing a few of you to steer far clear of Samsung’s latest darling, but what if we told you it actually is possible to access and replace the Samsung Galaxy S6’s battery? Samsung even has a section detailing how to do it buried at the bottom of the device’s user manual we uncovered last week (which you can dive into right now over at AndroidForums.com).

galaxy s6 battery replacement guide 1


galaxy s6 battery replacement guide 2

But there’s a big catch — these instructions aren’t meant for you. Samsung left the goods in there for repair technicians who might need a refresher on how to get skin deep. In fact, we have it on good authority that Samsung will use new versions of the manual that completely omit this section altogether.

What the instructions don’t mention is that there’s a big slab of glass stopping you from simply prying the back cover off. Getting through said glass is likely to require a heat gun and some fine-toothed tools to get it off cleanly and without a break.

Even if you do manage to get it off, getting it back on cleanly is another story. One screw-up and you could find yourself covered in shards of glass or a very messy-looking back plate not worthy of being called “beautiful.” Samsung’s big warning about your warranty being voided through unauthorized repairs should be reason enough to shy away from giving it a go yourself.

Long story short, if you aren’t professionally trained to make delicate smartphone repairs then you shouldn’t even try to replace your own battery. Let Samsung’s repair technicians handle that should you ever need some fresh lithium inside your Samsung Galaxy S6, or if you can’t handle not being able to gain easy access to the battery compartment you can simply choose to go with a different smartphone altogether.

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  1. or they couldve just saved everyone the hassle and kept their old design on the back with an easy replaceable battery. Hoping LG G4 won’t make this stupid mistake.

    1. Haha!! Keep their old design so people can be mad that it’s still plastic? I guess you fall in the I-don’t-care-how-my-phone-looks-just-make-it-work boat? Not saying that’s a problem, but I find this comment very funny since the main thing I’ve been seeing was “Samsung keeps using the same plastic design…” or “Samsung same design…”.

    2. It’s not a mistake in their eyes, and realistically, the amount of people who are “affected” by this, and who actually carry spare batteries on them, is likely very small. People are mad at HTC for not making any significant change. People are mad at Samsung for making significant change. lol you’re never going to get everything you want in a smartphone, ever. But I know Samsung built a winner with this one. And I’m not even a Samsung fan.

  2. Anything is “technically” possible.. ;)

    1. Technically, I’m a kangaroo.

      With racing stripes. :D

      1. You literally, are not a kangaroo, with racing stripes. Figuratively, you could be a technical zebra.

        1. Technically is not something that’s literal, though. I think I got lost…

        2. Rumors that I am not literally, in actual point of fact, a kangaroo with higher cognitive skills are highly exaggerated.

          Plus, the racing stripes are pretty sporty.

  3. Yep… same as any other smartphone with a “non-removable” battery.

    1. It’s actually VERY easy to remove the battery from the iPhone 4-5s series. I can’t speak for the 6 series since I haven’t opened one. But the others ones, you just remove two screens and take out the battery. It’s more work than popping open a back, but if your main concern is to replace an old battery, it’s easy.

      Now as for the M8? No sir. I’ll just get a new phone when my battery dies.

  4. Of course it is. I always knew it was BUT when we are talking “removable” this method is not for the masses so you have to say no, it is not removable. But of course it is. Anything is really. Just not for the faint of heart.

  5. Yes, it can be replaced, but one cannot do that at home or on the go right? And that’s the entire point right there.

      1. You did not…

        1. I did sir. Had to be done.

  6. Once I got my 14,000mAh external battery I stopped caring about the removable battery but I still use the SD Slot tho so hopefully the Note 5 will still have that at least.

    1. Yes, here’s hoping they’ll leave the Note series to continue the fine tradition of offering those two EXTREMELY valuable features for consumers. I feel that they can afford to do it.

      1. They should. The Note 4 design was already “premium”. I was hoping for a Note 4 mini essentially with the S6.

    2. Doesn’t matter. Others argue that you can’t “swap” the battery, because it’s more convenient to swap the battery.

      I fall in your boat. I’m looking to get something larger than my 5,000 mAh battery charger. It was okay with my phone and tablet, but now I’m starting to use my 3DS and Moto 360. So that 5K gets eaten up a lot faster, when I have to use it.

    3. How does walking around tethered to that 14000mAh brick work out for you?

      The rest of us still care about being able to swap the battery with a charged one in seconds and then get on with our lives without being tethered to a brick or wall outlet.

      1. No problem since the battery sits in my jacket pocket and I have a cable running from it to my phone when I need to charge my Note 3 as for charging my tablet the battery sits within a spot in my case when its folded up for using the tablet. I also tend to carry around my MOGA Pro Power in my bag as well which has a 2200mAh battery I can use to charge my devices as well if need be. so playing on either the tablet or Note 3 with the controller works with using a small 6″ cable for the phone and a longer 3 foot cable for the tablet. and that 3 foot cable is what I use for the battery if I need to use the phone but if I don’t its the small 6″ cable that tethers my phone to the battery.

      2. The rest of us don’t care. Hooray for generalizations.

  7. We all knew it could be replaced. This is not the solution many of us were hoping for.

  8. It takes more than 20 seconds.

  9. Any phone without a removable battery and SD card slot is not a “smart” phone. It’s a “dumb” phone designed to follow Apple’s lead and inclination to take advantage of users and screw them over.

    “Smart” phones are upgradeable and expandable, to ensure longevity and data integrity. Those are “smart” features and a “smart” purchase.

    1. Smartphone doesn’t mean what you think it does.

  10. Nothing to see here, just Samsung rubbing salt in our wounds.

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