YouTube for Kids is now available in the Google Play Store [VIDEO]


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As promised last week, Google has gone and released a specialized version of their YouTube app. It’s YouTube for Kids, and it’ll be a safe vault of kid-friendly videos for your little ones to watch whenever they please (or whenever you let them, really).

YouTube for kids highlights videos from top children-focused channels such as Dreamworks, Sesame Street and Thomas & Friends. Kids can search for videos with a filtered search function, and they also make it quite easy to discover new videos.

It’s not just about cutesy cartoons, either — music, video games and educational content will all be available so your children can get the most out of the web’s biggest video service. Search can be disabled by parents if you’re truly paranoid, and you can even set an automatic timer to make sure your kids aren’t spending too much time browsing.

Unfortunately it seems like the control stops there. You can’t setup custom playlists, for instance, and the password to access the app is automatically generated and can’t be changed.

We’re sure many improvements will be made over time, though, and considering there hasn’t been an easier way to let your kids access a friendly version of YouTube we suppose there isn’t much room to complain right now. Give it a download in the Google Play Store and see if you can’t find something bad before letting your child give it a spin.

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  1. Found a family guy video of peter hanging himself with a necktie. Not something I want my 4-year-old seeing

    1. But it’s a cartoon!

    2. you should report it to Google.

  2. Again, “This item cannot be installed in your device’s country.” …
    Why not global? It’s just videos from Youtube, no?
    Can anyone publish an APK ? Please?

    1. Same here not possible to install in my country

  3. Why didn’t the put this options in the standard YouTube app instead of creating a new app?

    1. Because it’s a lot easier for kids to have their own app than to specialize the standard app.

  4. got to be a million videos in there that probably should not be….

    1. Do you have kids?

      1. yep =)

    2. What kinds of videos are you referring to?

      1. well, as someone stated below they found a Family Guy episode of peter hanging himself….Google cannot find EVERYTHING at first. So i’m sure there is going to be a lot of inappropriate stuff I dont want my kids to see.

  5. Now kids are going to spell the word “kids” “dkis”

  6. There is a similar app already and it has been on both Google Play and the App store for a while.

    It is called “TotsTube Free”…. Better parental control!

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