Feb 23rd, 2015

pebble color 1

Pebble started counting down to a big announcement on Wednesday, and rumors immediately suggested they’d be coming out with a color-infused version of their popular smart watch. The company seems to have inadvertently confirmed that.

A photo of the device was found on their servers. Nothing looks out of the ordinary here. It’s a stocky-looking smart watch that is sporting a color display. We’re not sure what sort of display, mind you (mirasol, anyone?) but there is a color display.

The buttons on the side indicate this thing will still make use of buttons for navigation and control instead of touchscreen goodness. Beyond that there isn’t much to know about Pebble’s upcoming watch.

It’ll have custom watch faces. It’ll run apps. It’ll show you notifications. It might even tell you the time. Oh, and just for laughs Pebble replaced the image file on the server with this:

real pebble

Nice to know some companies out there still have a fine sense of humor. Circle back Wednesday morning to see what all the hubbub is about.

[via 9to5 Mac]

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