Pebble accidentally reveals color smartwatch, replaces it with image of an actual pebble


pebble color 1

Pebble started counting down to a big announcement on Wednesday, and rumors immediately suggested they’d be coming out with a color-infused version of their popular smart watch. The company seems to have inadvertently confirmed that.

A photo of the device was found on their servers. Nothing looks out of the ordinary here. It’s a stocky-looking smart watch that is sporting a color display. We’re not sure what sort of display, mind you (mirasol, anyone?) but there is a color display.

The buttons on the side indicate this thing will still make use of buttons for navigation and control instead of touchscreen goodness. Beyond that there isn’t much to know about Pebble’s upcoming watch.

It’ll have custom watch faces. It’ll run apps. It’ll show you notifications. It might even tell you the time. Oh, and just for laughs Pebble replaced the image file on the server with this:

real pebble

Nice to know some companies out there still have a fine sense of humor. Circle back Wednesday morning to see what all the hubbub is about.

[via 9to5 Mac]

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  1. looks hideous. had the pebble steel for 2 months before getting rid of it because of how bulky and outdated everything was. It was like a casio watch from the 80s with the same crappy digital screen. no thanks.

    1. Pebble doesn’t want to sell “Sexy,” they want to sell functionality.

      1. well….ok good point. I’m still stuck on the build quality/screen. It is, functional. I just felt like it was cheap and cheesy.

        1. Well, what do you expect for the price range? $200 is not going to get you a stunning watch like a Rolex. The Moto 360 is your best bet if you want a good looking smart watch.

          1. Zenwatch….I own one. Same price, far superior everything. Except battery life.

      2. People that buy watches usually buy them as a piece of jewelry, so if they want to sell a bunch of watches they need to step up their design IMO.

        1. Smart watches and watches are different categories. If you want a Rolex style, wait for the Apple Watch and use it with an iPhone. That watch will have form over function. If you want function, Pebble and Android Wear are your best bets. Pebble has sold enough watches as it is without any circular or flashy models. You’re overthinking it. This new one will sell too.

        2. All those digital Casios, Timexes, etc are sold to people who want function over form.

          There is no way even Apple will compete with Omega or Rolex when it comes to piece of Jewelry so why bother pretending.

  2. what a joke. Just build a android wear watch and move on. Truth is they haven’t sold many pebbles since the launch of android wear.

    1. well i think its a hideous “smart watch” but reality sets in when you see the numbers, they did not even break the million watch mark. Truth be told, by the end of December, Pebble sold 1million….android wear, 720k.

  3. I would have purchased a Pebble Steel except for its low-resolution, toyish, pixilated display.
    I had hoped the Pebble 2 would correct that fault with a high-resolution color display – something like mirasol.

    But I got tired of waiting for them to make an announcement and a few weeks ago bought a Qualcomm Toq for a tiny fraction of its original $350 price. Qualcomm has disbanded the Toq’s development group and abandoned the watch. (Although it would be great if someone were to create an Androidwear for Toq open source project, I don’t expect that to happen.)

    In any case, I only bought the Toq as a stop-gap until Pebble introduced its Pebble 2. However if this picture is accurate, I may be using the Toq for a good while longer. This is a huge disappointment.

    P.S. Actually, the pictures and video on Kickstarter don’t look quite so bad. I think I’m beginning to like it. But my Toq (which I bought brand new for well under $100) already has a higher resolution color display, a microphone with voice-to-text, and a slimmer design. It does not have a removable watch band, but I can live with that. I was also hoping the new Pebble would have AndroidWear.

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