YouTube is launching an app just for kids on Monday


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With children getting access to the internet, smart devices like tablets and all the nastiness that stuff can bring at earlier ages, it’s become increasingly important for parents to have tools to protect their innocence. That’s why Netflix for Kids is a big deal, and why Nabi’s collection of children’s Android tablets have a market.

And now Google wants to do their part. USA Today reports that the company will be looking to launch a kids’ version of the YouTube app on February 23rd. The app will look to limit viewing choices to content suitable for children, such as Sesame Street, Disney and other kid-friendly entertainment.

The app’s design will be fit for kids with big images of their favorite shows and characters to help them find what they’re looking for. They can discover new stuff with a specific button, or even search for content if they know exactly what they want (don’t worry, though, as Google will block explicit search terms and much of YouTube’s explicit content is sure to be blocked).

Of course, parents can expect parental controls to set the exact amount of time they want their child to be able to browse YouTube. Something about not staying up late on school nights, and whatnot. We’ll be keeping our eyes on the Google Play Store for the app’s arrival next week and we’ll be sure to link you once it pops up.

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  1. Its About time, now I have a new app I can put on my daughter tablet :) Good Job Youtube/Google

  2. This is great news!!! I’m very excited to hear this! I can’t tell you how many times my girls would be watching something with Dora and all of a sudden they would click on another video and some creepy person would have an evil Dora video! That’s why I won’t let them watch YouTube without me or my wife right there.

  3. Yay, now my kids can avoid sleazy ads and videos while watching children’s cartoons…

  4. Thank you YouTube

  5. This is awesome news, my kids have been banned from Youtube except on our public family computer. It will be nice to have a child friendly youtube app they can use on their tablets.

  6. I hope there is an Android TV app version.

  7. Google, here’s what I’d like: YouTube video playback continues when the phone’s screen locks. Why? It’d be nice to listen to the audio in video playback (e.g. ASMR videos where the audio is what really counts) without burning thru battery since the screen constantly stays on.

    1. I believe many videos already have this capability! I can load up a play list and switch to maps or have phone screen off and it continues to go through the audio plus sends the text of what’s playing to the car’s screen by bluetooth.

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