T-Mobile Product Manager sheds some light on Nexus 6’s WiFi Calling and VoLTE update, could arrive in Android 5.1


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Back when Google first unveiled the Nexus 6, T-Mobile was quick to publicly state that — like the iPhone 6 — the phone would officially support WiFi Calling on their network thanks to new APIs in Lollipop. Although an exact date wasn’t given, they did mention an “early 2015” time frame.

A few Lollipop updates later and with Android 5.1 now looming on the horizon, you may be wondering to yourself if this might finally be the update that brings WiFi Calling to the Nexus 6 (and possibly other devices as well).

Shedding a little bit of light on the subject is T-Mobile’s Senior Product Manager Desmond Smith. In response to customers on Twitter, Des revealed that, although it’ll be close, T-Mobile’s promised WiFi Calling update is still undergoing testing, but on track for a Q1 release. He went on to explain that VoLTE for the Nexus was coming along nicely (he’s actually running test build of Android with VoLTE enabled) and that because this effectively gives way to WiFi Calling, it’s a little higher up on the priority list at the moment.

Recently HTC’s Product Manager Mo Versi revealed that Google’s next “major release” — Android 5.1 — was expected to begin rolling out in March. Given that T-Mobile’s deadline (Q1) officially ends Tuesday, March 31st, it’s entirely possible Android 5.1 could bring WiFi Calling on T-Mobile. We’ll have to wait and see.


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  1. Can’t wait.

  2. Hope the Moto X 2014 gets 5.1

  3. Got tired of waiting went to an LG g flex couldn’t be happier while I wait for something that a company cares about and supports. Motorola/Google dropped the ball on this one.

    1. This has nothing to do with Google or moto. 5.0 have the APIs in it to support it, this is 100% on T-Mobile.

    2. Oh and lg will get updates?? What a ridiculous statement. It may have wifi calling but you will be stuck on old Software forever.

      1. I said it was temporary and yes it’s getting lollipop

      2. Also all the flagship phones have a 810 processor why did Google even put an 805 on it.

        1. You may want to do your research before you start blurting out nonsense! The 810 wasn’t even released yet when the nexus was released. To say ALL flagship phones have the 810 is stupid.

  4. Google Voice number and Hangouts. Problem solved?

    1. No. That’s something else entirely.

      Carrier based wifi calling is an extension of your cellular services not an over the top app

      1. The poster understands they are technically different but provide the same capability. Plus, over the top provides additional capabilities like you can move from device to device without any issue. So if you are sitting using your tablet no problem taking a call or writing a text. Same on your desktop.

        This Google software is one of the best pieces of software that few know about.

        1. Google Voice is a data hog by comparison. At work, T Mobile’s solution works perfectly every time. Google’s solution stutters like crazy because the connection speed isn’t fully up to it. It may be more compressed, but at least everyone can hear me clearly and stutter free with T Mobile…

          1. Me, wife and my kids use it often and have not run into a bandwidth issue. I am surprised as voice really takes relatively little bandwidth (< 60 kbps) now a days compared with what is available with WiFi. I use mine often across LTE without any issue. Sounds like something else might be an issue. You should do a bandwidth test and see what you are getting.

            I prefer getting a Google phone number and then using on top of whatever.

            It is so cool as it works with Windows, Android, iOS, etc.

            I am a huge fan. I believe it is one of the best kept secrets.

          2. The issue is that the work WiFi is fairly slow, but fast enough for T-Mobile. They only have a G band there…

        2. Exactly. Thanks James.

        3. It’s not nearly as reliable. High speed data coverage isn’t as widespread as voice coverage. Never mind the fact if you have a cellular plan in the US you’re PAYING them for a phone number for calls/texts anyway. Why not use that instead of just letting it go to waste?

    2. Until you try to actually make a call on Hangouts without getting disconnected every two seconds because of the absurd about of data it uses.

      1. I’ve never had that issue.

        1. Must mean it never happened then, of course…. I mean if you never had that issue.

          1. Must mean it always happens then if it happens to you.

          2. Um, yes, exactly. Nobody says it always happens but that pretty much means you agree with me by pointing out that it DOES happen.

          3. Your logic is illogical. I’m sorry you can’t voice dial with Hangouts. I mean everything I’ve said exactly as I said it. I’ve never had that issue. I cannot and do not wish to speak for anyone else. Sorry, does that mean you win the argument? Is that what’s important to you?

          4. Um, your initial point was that “Google Voice + Hangouts = Problem Solved”, which is obviously not the point.

            Stop white knighting for Google, it’s unbecoming.

          5. It works for me. Are you dense, a troll, argumentative for the sake of being argumentative? Lol.

        2. Hangouts hasn’t given me any issues either (except when data speed it terribly slow, or if I switch from WiFi to cellular data). Pretty reliable. Works well!

          I’d still like WiFi calling on my carrier’s phone# though – because that’s the number that I’ve shared with friends.

  5. Moto X please, T-Mobile.

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