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iFixit launches Android-only repair page with hundreds of guides, replacement tools, and parts


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DIY repair site iFixit has long been a great source of helpful walkthroughs on dismantling and repairing broken Apple devices. And while we often times see them taking apart the latest Android devices, they never actually had a dedicated site dealing with Android-only — until now.

iFixit’s all new Android repair hub is now live at and should your Android device or any of your components fail you, it’s there you’ll find iFixit’s famous teardowns, replacement guides, and the tools needed to get your phone or tablet back in working order. There are literally hundreds of Android devices (so far 252) ranging from smartphones, to tablets, smartwatches — even the Chromecast — with more being added every day.

The best part is you’ll find all the replacement parts for these devices too, with their catalog expanding further in the very near future. iFixit mentions they’re working with technical writing students at 40 universities around the US to help bring even more guides onto the site, and should you repair a device where a guide is absent, you can help your Android brethren by submitting your own. That, or you can donate your old device to help out here.

[iFixit Project: Android]

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  1. I need to tackle my G3 screen with this guide.

    1. Let me know how that goes

    2. Patience, patience, patience with that. It’s not terribly difficult but you don’t wanna rush it. Good luck.

  2. Awesome news…

  3. Bless them.

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