Android 5.1 could come in March, according to HTC’s Mo Versi


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Android 5.1 has been popping up on Android One phones left and right, but Google has yet to come out and say anything about it. While they leave us to wonder, HTC’s Mo Versi might have spilled the beans on when we can expect a formal, widespread rollout of the firmware for everyone else.

The company man Tweeted to someone asking about a fix for capacitive buttons on the HTC One M7 Google Play Edition, and his response was that the fix would tie in with Google’s next “MR” in March. We can only imagine that stands for “maintenance release.” That leads us to a few different possibilities:

  1. HTC is referring to Android 5.0.2 as the Google Play Edition never got upgraded beyond 5.0.1. It would be odd for Versi not to mention 5.0.2 by its exact version instead of referring to it as the “next MR.”
  2. HTC is referring to Android 5.1, as we would obviously hope.
  3. HTC is referring to some other incremental upgrade — possibly Android 5.0.3 — though considering we haven’t seen a shred of evidence of this or any other versions this is highly unlikely.

We’re still digging for more, and we hope Google will have more to share on both the arrival day of Android 5.1 and all the changes it’ll bring once it finally arrives.

[via Twitter]

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  1. Choo Choo! All aboard the Android 5.1 Hype Train!

  2. My N6 is just dying for some updates… Let the games begin

    1. Hmm…

  3. So it’s been popping up on phones, but we don’t know anything about it yet?

  4. Please LG. Get 5.0 for the G2 so i can properly pine for 5.01 after i realize first hand that 5.0 has too many bugs. And then i would have a right to complain about 5.02 not coming to my device and then I could bithc that i have been left behind when everyone (~35%) else is on 5.1. Please. 4.4.2 is too stable. Please LG

    I don’t understand why everyone is so anxious for 5.0 when it is known to be beta software. I honestly hope the M9 ships with 4.4 until google ships a working and stable version of lollipop. Am i alone? Is everyone else so anxious for their phone to suck? How is ART and battery life? -sigh-

    1. Art is great but battery life is better on kitkat.

    2. My HTC One M7 got the 5.0.2 update with 1 push.
      My Nexus 7 (2013) went from 5.0.1 to 5.0.2.
      My Nexus 9 came stock 5.0 to 5.0.1 to 5.0.2.
      I think you will either get 5.0.2 or 5.1.
      It’s irrational to think they would give you a second edition update when a third exists.
      I assume they will send out their latest stable update.
      The battery life on my HTC One has improved and I haven’t had any problems as the transition has been flawless other than a silly double lock feature. I have to swipe a lock bar in the middle of my phone and then I get my pattern design lock. The swipe lock is worthless as the only thing I can think of it securing is butt dialing.

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