Oct 15th, 2014

nexus 6 front profile

Google or Motorola didn’t address this aspect of their hot new smartphone when announcing it earlier this morning, but many of you were wondering if WiFi calling would be supported. Thankfully we have that answer by way of T-Mobile as the UNcarrier has announced the Nexus 6 would support WiFi calling on their network. Unfortunately the feature won’t be available immediately after launch as they’ve given an “early 2015” estimation for its arrival.

They went out of their way to remind us that this is the first Nexus phone with that functionality thanks to new APIs and enhancements in Android 5.0 Lollipop. We’re not sure if the same will ring true for other carriers once the device hits store shelves, but considering American carriers will all be receiving identical SKUs of the Nexus 6 it should technically be possible on other carriers. That’s great news for sure (even if a hefty price tag has put you off on buying one for now).

[via T-Mobile]

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