Here are the new Android 5.1 WiFi and Bluetooth toggles in action [VIDEO]


android 5-1 toggles cropped

While we aren’t expecting a ton of changes in Android 5.1 Lollipop in terms of new features, there is one change that we’ll definitely come to appreciate once Google finally delivers a widespread rollout. It’s the new Bluetooth and WiFi toggles in the notifications bar that will now show you a list of available networks and connections inline instead of kicking you out to the settings app.

Someone who got their hands on one of the Android One phones equipped with the feature put together a quick screen capture of what it’s like to use it. Nothing very exciting or surprising here, but it’s nice to see the feature in action when all we’ve had to this point are screen grabs.

Now, if only Google would get a move on announcing the details about this forthcoming upgrade (which we hear will be arriving at some point next month).

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I hope the will make the quick settings customisable.

    1. I will bet money that they don’t. They usually leave that sort of customizability to OEMs with their UI skins.

      1. That’s a shame I like stock android but it lacks customisation options if you don’t wanna root your phone.

  2. You know, you could have at least given credit to the guy on reddit from where this video comes:
    Acknowledging the source they call it.

    1. I’m the one that asked him for the screenshots/video yesterday. I think that linking to the guy’s own personal YouTube video would be sufficient as that gains him followers on YouTube. Linking to a comment that links to a YouTube video doesn’t seem as good.

      1. Fair enough, but still, linking to the actual topic would give people the possibility to read much more of his comments on Android 5.1.

        1. You could have just said that in your original comment. Something more cordial and helpful along the lines of, “Here’s the conversation on Reddit if anyone’s looking for additional info.”

          1. I admit, but the primary reason I commented initially was because there is no “source” cited in the article or below it – something I am used to and would expect.

  3. 5.0 is laggy and buggy enough so, no thanks

    1. Did you try a factory reset? That solved most of my problems that I had with lollipop

      1. Tried a factory reset on my s5, but it was still sluggish and full of bugs, so I just went back to my Lumia, Windows phone never gave me this kind of problems

        1. I see your problem is the S5 not Android 5.0

          1. Samsung usually launches their devices with crappy software, fix it with update 1, and screw it back again with any following update. Happened to my Note 10.1

          2. Have seen similar behavior on nexus phones so I don’t think the phone was the problem, I believe it’s Android itself

          3. No problems with my Nexus 6

          4. Lucky you I suppose, a friend’s nexus 6 became unbearable after two days, it couldn’t even open the gallery, and factory reset didn’t do anything, he was also considering a Windows phone, as update problems don’t really happen there

          5. I own 3 Nexus devices all with 5.0.1 loaded on them at the moment and have had no problems with any of them. So I will have to say this is still a case by case. I cannot tell you the issues you are having, but I have seen nothing that leads me to think anything other than Lollipop is the best mobile OS that I’ve experienced.

          6. I disagree, lollipop was the worst experience I’ve ever had, never use Android again

          7. That is fine for you, but it is not a bad experience for the majority. Feel free to use whatever system you want. They all have issues, Android is the cleanest, fastest, easiest to manage OS. It is also the only one that is fully in the users control (at least with a Nexus), but it is fair to assume you don’t really want that type of control.

          8. I must disagree with your arguments, Android is not clean or easy at all, I have workmates that all the time have problems with their Android phones, whether they complain why are they slow or the screens not responding, and they don’t own cheap phones, trust me, or trying to delete a preinstalled app, which is not easy unless you root the phone, surely a nexus device may make you feel you control the OS, but that is a fake sensation of control

          9. You can disagree all you want, it won’t make you correct. If you root an android phone you have complete control, period. Even if you don’t root, you have more control than any other OS. I’m not saying this so it will be true, I am saying it because it is true. Just because it is true does not mean that it is the right OS for you. I have not made any arguments, I have only stated facts. This is my last reply. I do not care what OS or phone you want to use. But please do yourself a favor and stop lying on an android site. It is clear you are trolling and I’m not playing. Good day.

          10. Firstly, don’t call me a troll just because your butthole told you so, secondly I’ve owned enough android phones to know what I’m talking about you just mention a phone and I may have owned one, android seems to be great but it isn’t, most of the time will have major problems, most people sadly are too blind to see that rooting is a complete lie, android itself is a complete lie, open your eyes and gfy please, have a nice day blind man

    2. 5.0.2 runs smooth as butter on my Nexus 7 2013. Liquid smooth lollipop runs awesome on my ancient Galaxy S3. Your problem is Samsung messed up the OS probably. Which doesn’t surprise me considering how bad they messed up Android 4.3 on my S3. It was unusable and what finally forced me to root my phone and try out custom Roms.

      1. That’s one of Android’s many problems, you man need to root to make it work properly, use roms from who knows where, I just want something that works from the moment I take the phone out of its box, my Lumia gives me that so…

      2. Nope. Lollipop is buggy.

        1. no, samsung’s lolipop is buggy. while CM12’s lollipop is fine in my S4

          1. Every lollipop is buggy. There are common issues across all phones. Memory leaks, system sounds not working or cut short (notification, ect), homescreen redraws, ect. Lollipop is the Vista to Kitkat’s XP.

          2. not in my custom lollipop ROM (5.0.2), sorry lol. Samsung’s lollipop is the most buggy crap, charging takes 6 hours with original cable & charger. starting to hate samsung

  4. Please. Include. Memory. Leak. Fix. Phone. So. Sloooooow.

    1. I had a slow phone after upgrade. After I did a factory reset it was much faster than before the update… worth a try :)

  5. Can’t wait for this to merge into CM12. I switch between my 2.4 and 5GHz networks several times a day depending on which room I’m in (2.4 gets better range, and sometimes I can’t wait for lollipop to auto-switch to the better signal).

  6. Works now on my 5.0.1 Nexus 6. Add flashlight too.

  7. nice, much better than how it currently is.

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