T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S5 now receiving Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade


Samsung Galaxy S5 DSC05785

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 users are now being treated to the Android 5.0 Lollipop update they’ve been craving. It’s standard affair here, with Samsung’s TouchWiz-infused Lollipop experience bringing a new multi-tasking menu, popup notifications and app design upgrades to fit in with Material Design.

Otherwise, everything should be familiar once your device reboots with its new drags. It’s a sizable 939 megabyte download, so you’ll want to be on WiFi with a charged battery to pull it down.

Some will notice the notification popup to prompt them to upgrade, but if not it should be available once you head to Settings > About Phone and check for the update yourself. After all is said and done you’ll be on the latest version of Android and won’t have to look on with envy while others have their fun.

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  1. So hopefully S4 around the corner.

    1. Gotta wait for sprint and Verizon to get theirs first

      1. Verizon and Sprint already got it, Verizon was the first provider in the US to release it surprisingly.

        1. He said the s4 which has not received the update in the US yet I believe.

          1. Exactly

  2. Thank God been waiting for this

  3. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten this damn AT&T Galaxy S5. Now my update won’t show up until around April…

  4. Where is the Note 4 though?

    1. It’s rolling out in other parts of the world but no us carrier has received it yet. Shouldn’t be too much longer if it goes the way the s5 did.

      1. That’s just frustrating since the Note is newer than the S5 and M8.

        1. I agree. I’m on sprint losing patience lol but hopefully it will be soon. The VR thing was to blame a while back but it’s said that wasn’t true. Doesn’t matter now since the update is out so now we just keep waiting.

  5. good thing i have a one m7 and a note 4

    makes sense t mobile updates the m8 and s5 ………..

  6. Do you guys know how good the battery life is with the update?

  7. Does anyone know when the Note 4 is going to update?

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