Sony’s Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3 is rolling out now


stainless steel smartwatch 3

Sony has announced that the stainless steel version of the SmartWatch 3 is now rolling out across the globe. We’d gotten our first peek at this premium model of the company’s first Android Wear smart watch back in January, and it’s nice to see it didn’t take long for them to ramp up production and start shipping them out.

The stainless steel straps are only available with the purchase of the new model for the time being, though Sony notes they will make them available as standalone straps for anyone who already owns a SmartWatch 3 in due time.

They’ve also let loose details about a SmartWatch 3 “holder” that’ll let you use any standard-sized 24nm watch band. No word on when that one will be available just yet, but judging by the time it took for the stainless steel model to hit retail it shouldn’t be very long. Let us know if you’ll be looking to grab the new stainless steel option or any of the aftermarket customization options once they’re finally made available.

[via Sony]

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  1. I just want the band for my sw3

  2. first smartwatch I’d actually wear

  3. Take my money !!!

  4. To anyone with an android wear device how bad does having Bluetooth on all the time affect battery life?

    1. It’s minimal. Right now after a full day…it doesn’t even show up in my battery stats (my 360 did bug out today tho and died, rogue app probably) and I’m at 62% battery. The most I’ve seen is 3-4% on my stats. Oneplus One is my device also, so YMMV. Just text out leaving BT on all day so you get an idea for your phone.

    2. Not much at all. I still make it through a day and a half on my note. And my sw3 last 2 1/2 days.This can only get better with updates.

  5. looks nice, but i’d never buy a watch that needs me to push a button to see the time. (even worse, while still having a battery that only lasts for days)

    i don’t need fancy graphics, all i need would be a simple lcd-display showing me some text.
    These old Casio-Watches did that fine, while lasting for years on a small battery. I get that more functionality needs more power. But what functionality do i get that wouldn’t be possible on slow B/W-Screens? Beeing able to play games? No, thanks.

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