Watch a choir of Androidify figures dance and sing on 300 Android phones and tablets [VIDEO]


Japan is often highlighted for the crazy, whacky and cool things they came up with, so when we heard that Google’s Japan team was the one behind this chorus of 300 Androidify characters singing and dancing in harmony we weren’t surprised.

It’s more than just cool, though — it’s actually impressive. Each Androidify character occupied its own device, which means there were 300 Android phones and tablets neatly propped up and synced to sing a familiar song and dance. They even had some light show magic going on with displays turning on and off in unison to create a nice flashy effect.

androidify chorus 2

There are far worse ways to spend 2 minutes and 36 seconds on YouTube so why not hit the play button and give it a quick watch and listen? Let us know what you think straight ahead!

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. That is a large wall of money and time… .Very Well Done

  2. Wow! So much time and effort must have been put into this.

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