Qualcomm may have confirmed rumors that the Galaxy S6 wont be using a Snapdragon 810



Although Samsung has never primarily relied on Qualcomm to supply the processor for their flagship devices in all regions — instead using their own Exynos SoC for a large number of international models — early reports suggested Samsung could be passing on Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 810 processor entirely for the Samsung Galaxy S6 due to “overheating” issues.

In Qualcomm’s Q1 fiscal 2015 report, it appears that Qualcomm may have just confirmed these rumors after stating that a “large customer’s flagship device” would not be using their processor. Now, although they didn’t specifically mention any manufacturer’s name, they were apparently large enough for Qualcomm to lower its 2015 outlook. Here’s what they told investors:

“…our lowered outlook for our semiconductor business for the second half of the fiscal year and our lowered EPS expectations, largely driven by the effects of a shift in share among OEMs at the premium tier, expectations that our Snapdragon 810 processor will not be in the upcoming design cycle of a large customer’s flagship device and heightened competition in China…”

Qualcomm didn’t address the Snapdragon 810’s overheating rumors, but if LG is to be believed, the issue never existed in the first place. If all this is true, does this influence your decision at all to pick up a Samsung Galaxy S6?


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  1. I wonder if this includes the M9

    1. Prolly not, HTC can’t survive mediatek processors hea in the states, and I doubt Samshit is letting HTC get exynos chips, at least the latest version, so I’ll say snapdragon for htc

      1. I meant it in a sense if they would use th 810. I guess HTC might use the 805

        1. I bet the 810 like the rumors say. They just maybe have a better chassis design to mitigate internal heat and/or tweak the OS or change clocking to lower heat. They seem to act, even publically, like the 810 is not an issue for them.

        2. Man if the g flex use 810 and HTC use 805, I might just wait to see the G4 first, they may have dual front speakers

      2. Dude, if HTC comes begging for Exynos I doubt Samesung would say no. They make chips for Apple so absolutely they would.

        1. I would hope so, I believe the android system should be completely open to one another, like I hate how samsung watches only work with Samsung devices

    2. Based on the benchmarks, yes it is suffering thermal throttling.

      1. And if we peel back the onion on that, what did AnandTech say?


        CES is no place to run trustworthy benchmarks – and Anandtech reported the screen was undergoing thermal throttling. Not surprising – CES is hell.

    3. if im not mistaken, htc as of the past few years has kept their clock speed a tad lower than samsung’s even when using the same chip, so its possible they dont have this issue.

      1. That is true. But on a heavy load, I hope the M9 won’t suffer much from overheating.

  2. Do Exynos chips still have app compatibility issues? I just remember seeing a lot of app release notes stating that it doesn’t work on Exynos.

    1. Exynos CPU are just ARM chips. It is the Mali graphics at issue, devs code Android games for Adreno GPU found in Snapdragon.

  3. No. As long as the S6 has a removable battery, microSD slot and physical home button (or hardware buttons in general), I’m getting it. The processor doesn’t matter very much; root applications and Xposed take care of all my software/customisation needs.

    1. Xposed won’t work on LP and last I read the developer wasn’t planning on redeveloping it for LP either (although that may have changed, not sure)

      1. He still has no plans to develop for Lollipop currently. Hopefully it will come one day. I have the Nexus 6 and a dev has made an awesome app that lets me do a lot of the same customization I did in Xposed.

    2. it wont have removable battery, guaranteed.

  4. So snapdragon 815?

  5. Decision to pick over Galaxy S6? It was never part of the decision anyways =P

  6. Maybe this is what Samsung meant by touchwiz being “optimized” like a nexus on their GS6, they will make their own software (based on Android) and combine with their own SoC. A LA iPhone

    1. Yeah? Well I bet it still lags.

  7. Man.. they blew it. Bad press, less usage of their processor, forcing people like Samsung to speed up transition to their processor maybe to then never look back.

    1. I hated this at first, but the more i’ve read on it, the more i’m with Samsung believe or not. seems they are trying to do whats right, as compared to giving people the “best specs”. I hope their processor turns out to be great, even tho I read its slower.

      1. They’ve never “done whats right” before with their Exynos chips, at least not by developers. Do you really think that will change?

  8. Honestly I’m still not sold on 8 core processors being at all necessary or better right now. And if the processor is overheating it’s going to be worse not better for battery life, which I think people care about more than raw speed.

    1. i think you’re focusing too much on the number of cores as well, just look at the raw numbers, if its faster and more efficient than last years model, i wont complain.

  9. At engadget, they say it’s a ruse. Samsung wants to promote their own proc. I think samsung wants to be like apple, designing their own stuff in-house.

    1. they’ve been designer their own stuff for years

    2. Haha wtf. Apple uses Samsung ‘in house’ products all the time. Be like apple?? Please

      1. Apple designs their own chips in house but uses Samsung Semiconductor and TSMC as the actual production foundries due to their factory capacity.

        1. The most valuable company in the world shouldn’t have “factory capacity” issues, Apple is more of an architect than an engineer, why they still depend on Samsung for displays I will never understand.

  10. Whoops, androidpit, not engadget.

    1. You can edit a comment instead of posting a new one, FYI.

  11. Samsung is just a brand name that people know. I would buy a phone from a Chinese website before buying another Samsung device.

  12. This was going to happen sooner or later. I imagine Samsung has finally optimized the chip for LTE which also means LTE for more Samsung tablets as well. Also should lower production costs as well.

    1. but sacrifice in battery life. the Exynos chip isnt as friendly with LTE as the snapdragons are. This is what has helped Qualcom take over the mobile market and why samsung didnt use them in the U.S models.

      1. We don’t really know what improvements to the LTE modems were made for the next generation of Exynos, so that might not still be true. That said, the Exynos family has always been developer unfriendly, so I’ll pass on any Exynos-based device.

  13. I’m still interested in the S6 and what they come up with….I hope these interchangeable backs are not just gimmicks. The more I’ve read up on this, I’ve learned to appreciate Samsung for moving away from a bad chip. I wonder why Qualcomm has not issued a statement on the overheating and if they are working on troubleshooting it?? hmmm….

    1. Maybe because it never happened.

      The entire story traces back to one unsubstantiated rumor in the Korea Business Times on December 4, 2014 – and was added to with speculation with each retelling, and multiple outlets “reporting” that they had new information – that was in fact just repeating other speculations.

      Qualcomm stock went down with the news and a Korean company benefits from the rumor.

      It’s not hard to see what really happened.

      1. so do you think its just rehashed information being spread from site to site??? no sarcasm there….I’m really not sure who to believe some times….but maybe u are right; maybe I should refrain from thoughts until they are released and tested

        1. I know it is rehashed information going from site to site.

          At the bottom of most any article is a link to the story they started with, or a mention within the story body. You can start with last week’s Bloomberg story and work backwards. They all spring from the one report I mentioned.

  14. when the new LG G4 and Samsung’s S6 is released we we have a ton of articles about the phones temperatures for at least 3 weeks.

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