Sony is killing off Music Unlimited, partners up with Spotify to launch PlayStation Music


Sony Spoitfy PlayStation Music

After a report that Sony Mobile could be preparing to layoff another 1,000 workers, it’s clear Sony is doing a little restructuring. Most of that revolves around the company’s renewed effort to focus on their profitable PlayStation brand, with today’s latest development echoing just that.

To just about no one’s dismay, Sony has announced that they will officially shut down their Music Unlimited service in all 19 countries on March 29th, 2015 (apparently nobody told the Sony Xperia Twitter account). Music Unlimited — which, let’s be real, was lacking compared to rival music streaming services like Rdio, Google Play Music, or Beats — will instead be replaced this spring by Spotify on PlayStation Music, Sony’s latest partnership that expands music listening to 41 markets around the world.

Spotify on PS Music will allow PlayStation network members to sign up using their PSN IDs, and will not only give allow PS4 owners to stream all their Spotify music onto their consoles, but add a soundtrack to music clips using Spotify music. As for Video Unlimited, that’s simply being re-branded into PlayStation Video and will continue to offer Sony’s wide catalog of video on demand content across PlayStation, Sony devices in 11 countries/regions.

[via PS4Daily]

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  1. I think what most PS4 owners really want more is the ability to side load and play their own mp3s and videos with support for all common used video types (mkv, mp4 etc) because really, who wants to pay to have songs on their console that they already have!?
    Oh, don’t forget the ability to play content from media servers, you know like the PS3 was capable of……. I’m not asking for much am I???

    1. Considering there’s probably about 900 other devices/dongles you could do this on, some of which may even come in boxes of Cracker Jacks these days, I dunno if it’s really all that important, unless you just really want only one media device connected to the TV. Leave the consoles for what they do best – games.

      1. This is true. Already got a Chromecast in one living room and my LG TV can play movies via Plex without a Chromecast but would really like to be able to just use the one unit to access everything while it’s already on and running. By no means will it be the end of the world if the functionality never sees the day of light on ps4, but kinda makes no sense after having such features on the previous gen console. Likely scenario is that it’s not that the ps4 can’t do it, but more about the $$$$ in Sony’s pocket. And this partnership kinds confirms that!

  2. I predict Sony brand will just plain be PlayStation brand. It is the only division that’s bringing them profit.

    1. Sony PlayStation Phone? :D

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