Jan 28th, 2015

Samsung Galaxy A5 DSC07901

They may have the biggest slice of Android market share, but that doesn’t mean everything is coming up roses for Samsung’s mobile business. Although they officially raked in $4.87 billion in operating profit and $48.6 billion in revenue for Q4 2014, Samsung saw a 36% and 11% decline when compared to the previous year.

Faced with waning Galaxy sales, Samsung had to turn to its semiconductor business to pick up the slack from its ever slowing mobile division which has officially been on a downward spiral for 4 straight quarters now. Samsung mobile’s operating profit is officially down 64% year-on-year, although they note that strong Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sales managed to keep that number from dipping further.

Despite last year’s slumping smartphone sales, Samsung sees it as going nowhere but up in 2015. They’re hoping emerging markets like India and China will turn things around, along with new products they say will use “new materials” and feature “innovative design.” Samsung also mentions they’re planning to introduce even more “diversified” new wearables this year because we could all use another smartwatch.

There are also rumors — which may have just been confirmed — that Sammy could be opting for their own in-house Exynos processor for the Samsung Galaxy S6, expected to be unveiled during this year’s Mobile World Congress. We know we can be a little hard on Samsung at times, but that’s just because we have such high expectations. Make no mistake, we’re definitely excited to see what Samsung has in store for 2015.


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