Although the Galaxy Note 4 helped, Samsung’s Q4 2014 earnings still showing slowing smartphone sales


Samsung Galaxy A5 DSC07901

They may have the biggest slice of Android market share, but that doesn’t mean everything is coming up roses for Samsung’s mobile business. Although they officially raked in $4.87 billion in operating profit and $48.6 billion in revenue for Q4 2014, Samsung saw a 36% and 11% decline when compared to the previous year.

Faced with waning Galaxy sales, Samsung had to turn to its semiconductor business to pick up the slack from its ever slowing mobile division which has officially been on a downward spiral for 4 straight quarters now. Samsung mobile’s operating profit is officially down 64% year-on-year, although they note that strong Samsung Galaxy Note 4 sales managed to keep that number from dipping further.

Despite last year’s slumping smartphone sales, Samsung sees it as going nowhere but up in 2015. They’re hoping emerging markets like India and China will turn things around, along with new products they say will use “new materials” and feature “innovative design.” Samsung also mentions they’re planning to introduce even more “diversified” new wearables this year because we could all use another smartwatch.

There are also rumors — which may have just been confirmed — that Sammy could be opting for their own in-house Exynos processor for the Samsung Galaxy S6, expected to be unveiled during this year’s Mobile World Congress. We know we can be a little hard on Samsung at times, but that’s just because we have such high expectations. Make no mistake, we’re definitely excited to see what Samsung has in store for 2015.


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  1. I hope for all our sakes that 2015 is better for them. We need a top dog in Android and competition leads to innovation.

  2. Well, it doesn’t help their case when they release phones like the S4 or S5.

    1. Yea the s4 sold like crap…………..that’s why 2013 was such a bad year for them. …

      1. Yeah, the S4 was obviously a flop…

  3. They really need a Note size phone that is pure android!

    1. Why? The Note is distinct because of its unique software features and stylus that takes advantage of those features; stock will just make it another generic, large-screen phone.

      1. *cough *cough Nexus 6

  4. Theyve got to change the design a bit. The S4 and S5 looked too similar, and the Note 4 looked like a giant S5.

    1. yeah for real. I went and looked at this phone a lot but ended up buying the Nexus 6 cause it was just a different look of a phone. I think if they change the Note 5 to something a bit more unique, i’ll take a real hard look at it!

      1. Exactly why I own a xperia Z3. It’s a beauty and no one recognizes it in the US. Lol

        1. haha I would have bought it if AT&T offered it on the Next program. I was really crossing my fingers at their press-conference = I hear its just an awesome phone

          1. I haven’t owned a ATT branded phone in a couple years now. Hmmm wonder if that bloat is still awful

          2. well I won my G2 from one of these contests so I did not have to worry about it. went to my G3 and there was about 7 apps on there, but I rooted day one and removed all that crap. Now I have my Nexus where it was easily removed from the playstore….I guess i’m not the right person to really ask? haha

          3. Haha last att phone I had was the Motorola atrix which I remember immediately plugging in to computer and going to Xda. About same as you

    2. I’ll never get you people who care what a device looks like, and base your judgement on that. who cares? the phone looks good. it’s a big slab of plastic and metal chassis. it’s a mobile device, not a fashion statement.

      1. I don’t care what others think, so its not a fashion statement. I care what I think, so a devices physical appearance is important to me. I hope you don’t pick your women the way you seem to pick your phones, any random one will do. Lol. But seriously its important for devices to look different from generation to generation . if not , we might as well all just buy iphones.

      2. why do people buy certain cars?? they are just big slabs of plastic on a metal chassis….and it is just a mobile device. ;) jk jk its just personal preference man, I buy phones that look unique just out of personal taste. no more than someone buying a flat screen TV over a projection TV. or a toyota to save on gas, over a truck. or Nike’s over New Balance. or a certain brand of guitar over another. its all personal taste, sorry that does not seem to equate over to a phone for you tho???

  5. The Note 4 is awesome! I just hate hate all of their phones look alike….give me something a bit more unique looking (just like not the edge) and i’ll really put it on my list of wanted phones. Gonna be hard to knock the M9 off the top tho!

  6. The S6 could be the saving grace for them in 2015 so they better knock it out of the park. That being said, my gut tells me, it will be a nice phone – as their new mid range A line looks real nice so they better really up it from that as that looks way more premium than the flagship S line – but alas I fear it will not be as nice a design as say the final M9. Maybe on par specs, but I fear the actual design will be ok but not a real awesome change. It better heavily depart from the previous S line design with all of that “Project Zero” nonsense they put out there.

  7. Easiest way to increase sales…either get as close to stock Android as you can or completely redo TouchWiz

    1. Then why aren’t stock devices leading the market? I really don’t understand why so many people think stock is somehow the panacea for everything; only people on Android blogs consider it to be a positive selling point.

      1. That’s why I said or redo TouchWiz; I didn’t say go completely vanilla. Android enthusiast love stock Android and always have, that’s not why I’m saying they need to redo TouchWiz though. TouchWiz is slow and lags everywhere, consumers have taken notice and Samsung is largely at fault for the negative perception Android has with smoothness.

      2. Just because the majority people are too ignorant/busy to actually see a truly exceptional Android device that’s near stock (Moto X, Moto G etc.) doesn’t mean it isn’t exceptional. It simply means that the majority’s attention is taken up by the most famous devices (not necessarily the most exceptional ones). The fact that you’re selling less than 30 million flagship handsets a year doesn’t mean that your devices are inferior.

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