Nov 3rd, 2014

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Samsung’s stagnant growth in the mobile realm these past few months might have inspired the electronics manufacturer to kick it into gear and get that innovation train rolling again. We’ve already seen a bit of their latest wacky experiments with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, though a new report out of SamMobile suggest that more is on the way.

According to them, Samsung is designing the Samsung Galaxy S6 from scratch. The South Korean company has long stayed with similar looks from phone to phone, but the report suggests they want to move forward with an “entirely new vision.”

Samsung’s already shown a desire to revamp their design language with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. It was their first phone to emphasize (not just use) metal as a key component of its design, and the company considered it the spiritual launchpad for many of their big devices going forward.

Is Samsung finally ready to bring that metal-clad goodness to their main flagship lineups? We’d imagine so, but without further information anyone’s guess is just as good. Whatever it is, we just hope it’s enough to get folks excited about Samsung phones again.

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