Samsung’s new design chief could build the Galaxy S we’ve always wanted


Tangerine Huawei tablet concept 1

After a reshuffling at Samsung’s design department last May, the South Korean tech giant is welcoming yet another new addition to their design team: former Tangerine co-CEO Don Tae Lee. Tangerine is credited with redesigning both British Airway’s and Virgin Australia’s sophisticated business class cabins.

Not too long ago, KBS even did a documentary on Lee, the “Korean business man at the forefront of the global design industry.” On the mobile side of things, Tangerine also worked with Huawei for a few concept devices back in 2011 that never quite made it to market. You can see those crazy devices in the video down below.

As Samsung’s new global design chief, Lee will work from the Design Management Center to lead the overall design of products, which includes everything from washers, televisions, refrigerators and yes, even mobile devices.

Before you get your hopes up, there’s no way to say for certain how much influence Lee will have on, say, the Samsung Galaxy S7 (the Galaxy S6 is a little too far down the pipeline). But it’s definitely nice to see Samsung moving down a path where they take design a little more seriously — especially after last year’s ho-hum Galaxy S5.

Given Lee’s previous work experience at Tangerine — a London-based design agency founded by Apple’s own Jony Ive — we’d say Samsung is in much better hands.

[Korea JoongAng Daily]

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  1. Hey guys wanna see a brand new candy bar that just came out? *pulls it out of my pocket* oh wait this is my phone that i thought was a cnady bar

    1. Looks like the iPhone 10. XD

      1. Rofl! Oh god this will literally break the phone industry with phone. My jokes that would come with it. “Hey girl wanna party?”. “Sure but is that your phone or are you just happy to see me?”…”Ya it’s my phone”….”oh

      2. came to the comments to see this…

      3. yeah but mine is thicker haha

  2. Glad to see that they are making an effort.

  3. Even if they just steal from everyone for the S6, I’d be satisfied. Front facing stereo speakers, better OIS camera tech, high res FFC, etc.

    1. 4gb RAm
      810 processor

      1. What’s wrong with 3 gig ram

        1. its less than 4…haha :/

        2. It’s not enough to really take advantage of a 64-bit CPU

          1. I’m willing to bet that almost no one really needs more than 3 Gig of RAM. A few extreme games might make use of it, but other than that 3 Gig is plenty for most uses, even multi-tasking.

          2. It’s probably of no real use currently for the majority of users but future-proofing the device is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as it doesn’t drive up the cost. And since Samsung is now mass-producing these new 4gb modules that requires less power than their previous generation, it would be a good fit for their phones for the energy saving alone. The extra memory is simply a nice bonus at that point.

      2. It will have Exynos 7 Octa, which should be just as good CPU wise, since it’s literally using the same CPUs from ARM.

        1. Like previous models, this might depend on the geographical market. Although, until an official announcement is made we’re just speculating based on rumors.

  4. I just want them to redesign the S line. I’ve never thought they were good looking phones. I’d definitely consider a Samsung device, but so many other companies like HTC and Sony make super sexy hardware.

    1. IMO the S2 was the best looking S device….and that one wasn’t great by any standards

      1. I loved my S2! made me go buy an S3….then sadness set in

      2. S2 and S4 were my favorites. The first S and the S3 were super ugly imo.

  5. Is that a remote in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

    1. Its just the weirdiest looking candy bar

  6. Step 1, uninstall touchwiz.

    Step 2, put all the fake leather and silvery plastic in the trash.

    Step 3, make a regular version with a sealed battery and a “pro” version with replaceable battery and microSD slot.

    Step 4, bask in the glory and watch the coffers fill with gold.

    1. man the touchwiz comments are getting too f****g old, buy another product and stop complaining about it.

      1. That’s what I and many millions did.

        And that’s why they have to get a new designer in ;-)

        1. i think @moises is stating that it is 2 ways to go about voicing your stand on touchwiz. the majority of the people who dislike it “Cry” about it. Very few are actually understanding of the software and open to a change. So basically be an adult and not snot nose brat crying about something. Not saying that this is what you @wozn were doing.

          1. Nobody is crying about it.

            Except maybe Samsung’s shareholders.

            I was telling Samsung what they need to do if they want us to buy their phones.

          2. You haven’t been on Android forums enough then if you truly believe that NOBODY cries about touchwiz.

          3. I think most of the people who whine about Samsung and TW have never actually used a Samsung phone or TW. They’re just Google fantards who can’t think of anything original to say.

      2. Agreed, although I use a N5 I loved my S3 because of the awesome features that come along with TW.

    2. Remove Touchwiz?
      You mean remove split screen / multiple apps st the same time = multitasking, remove S-Pen?

      I think what you mean is tone down touchwiz.
      Is that what you mean?

      1. No, you could offer split screen multitasking without a crappy skin on top of everything else.

        TouchWiz is an attempt to rebrand Android. Ok there’s a few bits of nice functionality, I think Motorola have shown the way with that kind of thing – split it out into apps and go with stock Android, best of both worlds.

        1. No thank you, I don’t want stock Android’s crappy implementation of toggles. I just want the look of stock Android – Nova launcher is my friend.

          1. Have you used toggles in Lollipop? They are literally as good as the way Samsung does it, but it looks much prettier so therefore I think it’s better. This is coming from a day one S4 user. TouchWiz is disgusting. They need to use stock android and break their cool features up into apps that can run on top of stock.

          2. Yes, I have a Nexus 7. Not being able to customize them and having Airplane mode forced on me are two reasons I dislike their implementation.

          3. I can understand that. They literally have every one I use without all the useless ones from TouchWiz so I love it. I use airplane mode often so its great for me.

          4. No, Lollipop does not handle toggles as well as Samsung. Not even close. Have you actually USED a recent Samsung phone? It doesn’t seem like it.

          5. I have USED an S4 for almost 2 years. And used multiple friends S5’s, it works the exact same on the Note 3, S4, S5, and Note 4. The ONLY difference between Samsung and lollipop is that you have to swipe down twice in lollipop. But if you swipe with two fingers you only have to do one swipe to get to the toggles. The Lollipop way is better because I can click the WiFi icon to turn it on, then if I click the WiFi text it brings me to the settings for WiFi to pick my Network. Same goes for Bluetooth. The toggles also look much better than on TouchWiz imo.

          6. Honestly I thought I would miss a few TouchWiz features but with Lollipop stock has everything I need. I found myself rooting the S4 to add a bunch of stock features because I hated Samsungs skin so much. I never really used multi window or any of the Samsung features. They are interesting and cool but just aren’t necessary for me.

        2. After using a full-featured maufacturer versio of Android, Google’s plain-jane version is just really…. lacking. There are so many things that Samsung (and LG, and HTC, and evern Motorola) phones do better than Nexus phones do. Stock Android just feels like a good start that’s waiting on version 2.

  7. Had a vibrant… Then an s3… Then woke up and went moto x 2nd gen…. Will never go back to a company that has an overlay skin.

  8. The S I always wanted is called Note.

  9. There have been many devices, in many industries, designed by people who have design chops in other fields. An awful lot of them end up being ridiculous.

  10. To be honest lollipop is actually kind of ugly. It needs a dark theme or something.

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