T-Mobile rolls out new pre-paid plans with unlimited (almost) everything starting at $40



T-Mobile has some new pre-paid plans to dole out for those who aren’t interested in hopping on the company’s Simple Choice post-paid offerings. The plans start at $40 per month and give you unlimited talk, text and 3G data. 4G data is limited, naturally, but you it’s nice not to have to worry about overages if you run through your allotted amount. Here’s the quick breakdown:

  • $40 / month for unlimited data, talk and text + up to 1GB of 4G LTE
  • $50 / month for unlimited data, talk and text + up to 3GB of 4G LTE
  • $60 / month for unlimited data, talk and text + up to 5GB of 4G LTE

Seems reasonable enough. T-Mobile’s prepaid plans do include support for WiFi calling, though there’s no word on whether you’ll be treated to perks like Music Freedom. The plans will go live starting January 25th, and you can stop into a store, call in or go online to get hooked up with it if you’re interested.

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  1. I’ll stick with my $30 monthly prepaid plan — unlimited text, 5 GB LTE, and 100 minutes ($0.10 each after that).

    1. Same here.

      I might’ve been inclined to switch, but the new plans aren’t a better value except for people who talk a lot. If they threw in Music Freedom, sanctioned mobile hotspot usage (vs “stealing” it using a different ROM), I might consider it.

      Also, it’s unclear: after you use up your quota of 4G do you get throttled to 3G or 2G? On the $30 plan, it’s 2G. If it really is unthrottled 3G (vs 2G), the new plans look much better.

      1. On the page it states:

        *Rate plan max speed of 8 Mbps; upon reaching data limits, speeds slowed to up to 128 Kbps.

        1. Yuck. So, a slower maximum and the same minimum.

          1. Seems so. I also heard they are bringing Data Stash to the current prepaid. Check out my comment to see more.

          2. Hmm, yes, including Data Stash for the new prepaid would indeed change the equation.

            Tolerating a slower 4G might be worthwhile if you can save it for later and stream slow stuff mostly anyway.

          3. The Data Stash would be for the older prepaid plans not the new one. The names are so close it’s hard to tell.

      2. Yes, that’s the big question that 3G , really 3G, or the choke you to death stuff that you get now on prepaid after you eat all your 4G allotment. On the other hand I’ll stick with my $30 plan too and Voxox for extra minutes 1 cent/minute and it shows up as your T-Mobile phone number to the person you call

      3. tmo throttles you to 2g after your 5gb. it feels worse than 56k dial up. *from personal experience.

    2. I’m on this plan too, does it include WiFi calling?

    3. i hade tmobiles $30 plan, i got tired of the crap selection of prepay
      phone options. considering i wanted a phablet, 5.5” or larger, I had
      basically a few choices in my price range $300 or less. Of which was the nexus 5, but prices where
      more than I wanted to spend, so used was the only option. Or the One+ which was a total joke in order
      to get chance just to order one. other than those, i had to pick up a used 2 year old note that was still overpriced. Switched
      to Virgin, picked up an HTC Desire 816 for $200 brand new off of QVC, and pay
      $35 for unlimited everything, with 3gb at LTE, then throttled down to a real 3g
      speed, not 2g/56k dial up like tmobile. sprint coverage has been acceptable everywhere i have gone and have had LTE in every place i have been in multiple states. far better than my wifes Moto G on Tmobiles $30 plan. plus the phone i have is a Sprint Spark phone that will utilize the Spark network.

      1. Bring you own phone and use the $30 plan. I got the N5 from the Play Store then signed up for this plan. No reason to limit yourself to the phones T-Mo sells.

        1. i had the N5 on the $30 plan, i use my phone for work and 100mins does not last. with me traveling the country, i found myself not having 4g/LTE in a lot of places, and a lot of them are larger metro areas. however, a year ago i moved out of the metro area and tmobile only covered about 1/4 of the small town i moved to.

          the fact that i didnt want to pay $350 for a phone plays into this. virgin has a lot of the same options for phones, plus more. specifically an HTC option. the N5, while being a good phone, was out of the budget for a phone (300 max), so i would have to get a used one. or a used 2 year old Samsung Note. i refuse to buy Samsung.

          so for $5 more, i get unlimited everything and 3gb of LTE, then throttled to a real 3g, since i rarely go over 3gb, i am find with this. plus, i get the phone i want, an HTC phablet with decent specs for $200 brand new.

          by the way, i was a tmobile customer since they became tmobile and had the $30 plan for over 3 years before finally giving up on the plans low amount of mins, the hit or miss network when traveling, and the crap secondhand phones available that dont use LTE.

    4. Do you get unlimited minutes after 9pm and weekends with this plan?

  2. aaaaaaaaand T-Mobile is still not worth the price. At least here in the Bay Area.

    1. I’m in San Jose and get an avg of 30down. Max down was 65/25 near Cupertino

  3. I live in South Bay and it is well worth the price. I am not even on prepaid. I have a postpaid account with 5 lines, 2 unlimited (20-30 GB usage) and two 1 GB lines and a tablet with data match

  4. I will stick with my $70/Month plan but it seems confusing to have a Simple Choice Prepaid and then Simply Prepaid. The difference seems to be the max speed of Simply Prepaid is 8mbps where as the Simple Choice Prepaid does not have this limitation. I am looking forward to the Data Stash though as this might allow me to pick a lower plan. I figure in the summer months when I ride the motorcycle to work I will store up data and then I can use it when I am on the bus in the winter months.

  5. 8 MBPS is the data speed cap btw. Idk how this suddenly became a “deal” when T-Mobile offered similar price points with faster data speeds. What’s the point of a gutted service with cap limits that MVNOs charge while paying a higher price than Metro PCS or other MVNOs when T-Mobile is a big 4 company?

    1. They are hoping to provide an alternative to Cricket, but with a slightly higher pricing point on the 1 & 3GB plans (Cricket is $5/mo cheaper with auto pay) and T-Mo’s $60/mo plan has half the data of Cricket’s.

      Both are limiting LTE to 8Mbps. Cricket limits HSPA to 4Mbps. Also, I haven’t seen it mentioned yet if T-Mo’s plans include WiFi Hotspot.

      1. I don’t think these new plans include HotSpot.

      2. “Taxes & fees additional. Max speed of 8Mbps available to plan allotment; then slowed to up to 128K for rest of account cycle. No tethering. Data Stash, Simple Global, Music Freedom & other Simple Choice features not included. See for offer details.” Seems it won’t have a lot of the features.

        1. Yeah. I’ll stick with Cricket. Plus, Cricket’s AT&T based network coverage is a heck of a lot better than T-Mobile’s. I can live with 8Mbps data speeds since I don’t stream or torrent on my phones.

    2. That’s weird. I have T-Mo’s old $30 for 100 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited data (5GB of LTE) plan, and the LTE doesn’t have an artificial speed limit.

    3. they want post paid not prepaid, metro is their main squeeze for prepaid and their postpaid is aimned to take them

  6. Does unused data rollover? Does music streaming not count against data usage??

    1. I don’t think these new plans will have the DataStash but I saw on G+ that they are planning to bring it to the current prepaid plans.

      1. Thanks for info. Not worth it to me till they do so. I stream google play music all day on the road.

    2. “Taxes & fees additional. Max speed of 8Mbps available to plan allotment; then slowed to up to 128K for rest of account cycle. No tethering. Data Stash, Simple Global, Music Freedom & other Simple Choice features not included. See for offer details.”

  7. Boost Mobile still has the best deal going. 35 for 1gb 45 for 5gb and 55 for 10gb. Before throttle…

    1. sorry, but virgin has the better deal….$35 for 300 mins, unlimited text, unlimited data (first 3gb at LTE). they even upgraded me to unlimited minutes for free after my 3rd month. so basically, i am at $35, for unlimited everything and 3gb at LTE before throttle to 3g (which tmobile does 2g, which is more like 56k dial up or worse). and i just switched to virgin about 5 months ago from tmobile.

  8. Unlimited SLOW azz data that is!

  9. What’s the advantage of these plans over the $30 prepaid plan with 5GB LTE and unlimited text?

  10. I have metro the same network no speed caps unlimited talk text and lte data for $60

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