This is how Android 5.0 Lollipop will look on the HTC One M8 [VIDEO]


HTC’s still readying the upgrade to Android 5.0 Lollipop for their HTC One M8 to meet a 90-day deadline, but if you were wondering how the upgrade was coming along we have our latest look. Earlier leaked screenshots gave us a look at how things looked, and now we can see much of the same in action.

Not much has changed at first glance. It’s still Lollipop with Sense 6.0, which means you get newly-styled notifications, the new recent apps switcher, and Material Design throughout much of the firmware’s apps. Things are looking quite smooth and stable as the HTC One M8’s Snapdragon 801 chipset seems to be handling the new goods just fine.

htc one m8 lollipop

Unfortunately the upgrade is taking longer than HTC’s early January estimation, but considering the Lollipop source code was officially released on November 3rd they still have just under a month to meet their original promise.

They don’t have an updated time frame just yet, but we imagine they won’t want to void that HTC Advantage they’ve been touting. In the meantime feel free to satisfy your appetite for Lollipop by checking out the video above.

[via HTC Vietnam]

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  1. I like some parts of Lollipop, and other I don’t. The double swipe down (and swipe down then tap on the M8 apparently?) to quick settings, etc, seems like a horrible design decision with all the tall phones we use now. But just like everything else, I’m sure I’ll get used to it after bitching/moaning about it for awhile. :)

  2. Looks like HTC has started pushing the OTA update. I just got a notification about update 4.16.1540.8 (584.83 MB). The description says it’s a Lollipop update. I’ve got the unlocked developer One M8 running on T-Mobile.

    1. :P

      1. You aren’t making any “Sense”. The keyword here is “Lollipop”. I never claimed that it’s an HTC Sense update. I simply said that HTC is pushing out the Lollipop update right now.

        1. Meh, more than your post but I took it down. Don’t really care to internet argue today. Have a good one.

          1. Yeah. Have a good one.

            For anyone wanting to know what I responded to, the troll’s comment was: “‘Sense’ the keyword here is ‘Sense'”

          2. SMH

      1. Sorry about that. Here it is.

    2. I have the T-Mobile variant. If I convert, to Dev version, I lose the WiFi Calling features correct? I don’t use it, but its just always that “what if?” feeling… :-( I would love to get the update ASAP, but.. IDK i’m just stuck… And Xposed is not working on 5.0.X either…. IDK what I’m going to do now! Also, how has the phone been doing? like does it feel snappier/quicker, more fluid? TELL ME vmry! TELL ME!!!!

  3. I’ve always thought that Sense is a really handsome skin

  4. Wait so can someone add a folder in the app drawer in lollipop or is that HTC feature?

  5. It was quite expected and the only reason why I purchased HTC M8 last year that HTC assure its customers to offer the update after getting it from Google. Until now, I haven’t
    received any notification but once I get I will definitely update it after fully juice up my device on turbo charger.

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