Android L coming to HTC One M8 and M7 90 days after it’s released


HTC One M8 Android L

Leave it to HTC’s (USA) to ride in the wake of today’s Google I/O announcements. By now, it really shouldn’t come as a much of a surprise, but the Taiwanese manufacturer has committed to bring Android L to their flagship HTC One family (HTC One M8 and originally HTC One) world-wide, only 90 days after they receive the final code from Google. Pretty sweet and should help give HTC One owners the added peace of mind that they wont be left out in the cold.

As far as other HTC devices in their lineup, they also mentioned that they’d be bringing Android L soon after to those as well, but no time frame was given. HTC’s commitment to providing Android updates is part of their “HTC Advantage”program, a set of perks HTC owners enjoy as part of their device purchase. Really, you gotta love their transparency.

Chris Chavez
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  1. This is why HTC continues to get my business…

    1. I agree. Really no need to root anymore.

      1. You are absolutely right… It’s why I haven’t even bothered rooting my M8

      2. Foolish!! How else am I going to add color to my navigation and status bar on a per app setting?


        Yea, there’s no need for root beyond random coloring.

  2. When they say family do the mean all models or just the latest?

    1. Sorry, I should have specified. One M8 and M7.

    2. With HTC, consider it to be the HTC One (M7), HTC One (M8), and the HTC One Max.

    3. Checking the link in the article lists the M8 & M7 only.

      Anything else is merely speculation at this time.


  3. So does L have a name yet or is it actually named L

    1. It’s just L for now. It’s possible Google could rename it in time for launch, or keep it “L.”

      1. Hopefully they don’t keep it as L… that seems rather bland. Lollipops are much sweeter.

        1. I dont know Sundar Pichai looks like he isnt up for keeping the Candy names on Android. His whole performance today reeks of corporateness and strict figures. Everyone else was more laid back and a lil more excited about the goods rolling out….

          1. Although what we saw of Android L looked very playful and not very corporate… With the increase in color and the geometric shapes as nav buttons.

        2. Probably just seeing if they can sponsor it, like KitKat.

      2. I like the L but it doesn’t follow the parretn

    2. Probably havent decided on a name, but wanted to make the announcement.

    3. What if the name is “L”?

      I think this version will be known as “L” regardless of what it is. Like Frozen Yogurt was known as Froyo. I think version “L” will be the nickname of the update.

  4. Samsung, we’re waiting…

  5. LG, waiting to hear!

    1. Good luck with that.

  6. So Samsung will likely update somewhere between 3 and 1,000 months later, with the Verizon rollout sometime next never.

  7. Sweet, only 3 months…not that impressive, and still mediocre compared to Motorola. If they don’t get it out within the 90 days, I’m sure HTC’s apology letter will make us all feel better about it.

    1. I’m actually at a point where I could care less when I got the update because my M8 works perfectly as is. In fact the way these things usually go is updates might make certain aspects of the phone WORSE than before all for the sake of getting the update out.

    2. it actually is quite impressive. Sure mediocre compared to Motorola… but Motorola was a google company with no skin. Not really an apples to apples comparison.

    3. 3 months is pretty quick. We’ll see how quickly Motorola get their updates out now they’re now part of the Google corp now. The only time they ever got quick updates out when they were under the Google banner, they never did before.

  8. I’m still waiting for my HTC m8 to get an update with extreme power saver mode

    1. Really?

      1. yes, I’m on Verizon.

    2. Which carrier? Everyone version should have it by now.

      1. Verizon, USA

  9. Believe it when I see it

    1. They have a very good track record of late. If the updates come late i blame the carriers. Doesnt matter to me, i just converted my M8 to a full GPE so ill get Google fast updates.

      1. Yeah. So long as GPe, unlocked, and developer models get it within the time frame, I’m willing to give them a pass on being tardy for the carrier-specific models.

  10. Power.

  11. I have a note 3 on Verizon,i just got the official 4.4.2 update, the only way im getting “L” is if i buy the note 5 next year lol. Also why the hell are we calling this “L” sounds lame lets jsut call it Lollipop.

    1. ‘L’ is not the final name – that will be revealed over the coming months.

  12. “the Taiwanese manufacturer has committed to bring Android L to their flagship HTC One family ( HTC One M8 and originally HTC One) world-wide, only 90 days after they receive the final code from Google.”

    In this case, “world-wide” means everywhere EXCEPT the US.
    I’m sure Verizon and at&t will somehow manage to delay it an additional 3-6 months beyond that, for “network testing”, in the hopes that you will just give up and sign a new contract for a new phone instead of waiting for updates.

    1. Verizon and AT&t?….More like Verizon and Sprint, the biggest hurdles for any OEM can be given by VZW and Sprint because of their fondness for CDMA and complicated stuff behind it. And Sprints been better over the years then VZW has been at rolling out updates.

  13. Not regretting my HTC One decision what so ever. Not that I ever thought I would due to root but this is just icing on the cake. HTC FTW.

    1. Me and you both brother. I found that the LG G3 was about the only product so far, that is even a tiny bit tempting to buy…..The Moto X+1 on the other hand is the device that I can honestly see replacing my M8 if i Decided for it….I can see the X+1 with battery life that far exceeds what the m8 and G3 can do if they pull off another X8 computing setup. 2014’s phone of the year will go to either the M8 or X+1…i can see it no other way.

  14. Then it will get delayed. i don’t buy HTC phones because they always delay their updates.

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