Android 5.0 Lollipop update for the Samsung Galaxy S5 rolls out in the UK


Samsung Galaxy S5 back DSC05789

Quick heads up to our friends across the pond: Android 5.0 Lollipop is now heading out to the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the UK. The upgrade has seen limited rollouts in South Korea and a smattering of other European countries, but the UK launch might be one of the biggest markets Samsung has brought the goods to.

As we’ve shown you earlier, Samsung has made some pretty nice adjustments for their TouchWiz user interface on top of Lollipop. The most notable is a bundle of redesigned applications, as well as inclusion of some of Lollipop’s best features like lock-screen and heads-up notifications. Samsung-specific changes include improved fingerprint scanner support, a new automatic setup process and more.

Many who have used the latest version say it’s a vast improved over the Jelly Bean and KitKat days, though it’s still largely TouchWiz and you shouldn’t expect a massive overhaul from the South Korean company anytime soon… at least not for this particular release.

We hear Samsung has plans to further improve their Lollipop firmware for impending maintenance upgrades that they’ve been testing internally, and we’ll have more on that story soon enough.

For now, head to Kies (or use this download link to flash manually if you know what you’re doing) to get your upgrade, and be sure to discuss your new treat over at AndroidForums.com’s Samsung Galaxy S5 section where many others are listing their thoughts, impressions and reporting potential issues.

[via SamMobile]

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  1. Anyone got it yet?

  2. it will be a damn miracle if my Verizon s4 gets it before 6 months after 5.0 was released. Stupid. One thing Apple does right is all their phones/tablets are able to get the new S/W the day its released. None of this “released on the newest most expensive only, and the older less expensive your phone is the longer you wait”. By time it makes it to over half activated phones those people are ready to get a new device at the 2 year upgrade mark.

    1. That’s the downside of open-source software, Google has no control over OEM updates. They have been a lot stricter as of late on what the manufacturers are allowed to change in the OS in hope that updates will be simpler in the future.

    2. Keep in mind, Apple controls the entire process from manufacturing to software updates. Fragmentation and carriers dilute the experience. It’s up to you, get less options but quicker updates or get more with slower updates. Same applies with the Nexus line.

      1. Yes I am aware of all this. Just sucks. I thought Nexus line was the answer but my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon was a nightmare between battery problems and never got the updates right away like nexus was supposed to, again the carrier was to blame. Nobody’s service is as solid as Verizon. Having said that I am not ready to get a nexus phone on tmo or att or sprint just because they may get updates sooner but have to deal with their inferior coverage. End of the day its a phone and if it cant make phone calls who cares if you have lollipop or not LOL

        1. Get a Droid Turbo if you can. The Nexus 6 will be available soon, but your Galaxy Nexus experience may not warrant getting the 6.

  3. Enough teasing already, release it in the US for F sake.

  4. Carriers in the US are the reason why we cannot enjoy nice things in a timely manner. T-Mobile should lead an uncarrier movement to debloat phones.

  5. I have no WiFi calling and T-Mobile admits fault, but hasn’t done anything.

  6. Will It Ble— I mean Kill Root?

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