This is how Google Cast works with the LG Music Flow speakers [VIDEO]


LG Electronics Music Flow Wi-Fi Series

Earlier this week Google came out of nowhere to announce that Google Cast will soon work with participating audio devices, such as speakers, sound bars, etc. It will work exactly the same way as casting a video to the Chromecast. We were able to check out the LG Music Flow system, which is one of the first with Google Cast for audio.

The LG Music Flow system is made up of WiFi-enabled speakers and sound bars that can be powered with batteries. They can be used independently, or synced together. LG has their own app for Android and iOS for controlling the speakers. To cast to the speakers just look for the same icon you use for Chromecasting. Choose the speakers from the list of devices. Check it out below.

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  1. Sick hope I can come up with some cash for these speakers I bet they won’t be cheap

  2. These have been out in the UK for a few months now. I have the H5 the medium speaker. I’m really impressed so far with it. It gives great sound. The only down side is the app, but the latest update seems to have fixed most bugs. I have been in touch with the LG developers and they have been great.

    The Music Flow app It doesn’t support Google Play Music YET but the have assured me that it will and have also said that my speaker is the same as those in the US and does support Google Cast, but that’s dependent on a S/W update from LG.

    Never tried a SONOS so can’t compare but the professional reviews I’ve read have been very good :) These seem to have the upper hand over Samsungs for features too.

    The H5 IS £229, H3 is £149 and the H7 is about £329 I’ll let you convert that to where you are!

    1. Thanks! I was wondering if the LG speakers were the same ones that are already on sale here in Ireland. Looks like they are and all they need now is a software update.

      Do you need to buy a hub to go along with your speakers?

      I tried Sonos for a week. Really liked it, but kept thinking, “damn, it would be perfect if I could cast directly from apps, such as Pocket Casts.”

      LG might have the answer already!

      1. No as I only bought 1 speaker for now, I do want to add the battery speaker (assuming it comes out here) and a home cinema. I’ll probably add speakers slowly.

        If you want multiple speakers, this is where I get slightly confused 1 MUST be wired into your router (I don’t think you need to do this for Sonos) So if you place a speaker near your router, you may not need the hub at all, but if you can’t place a speaker near your router, get the hub. It might be best to email LG for confirmation though.

        Sonos is a little more expensive and doesn’t have HD sound, the Home cinema is over double the price though. Some reviews say its on par with Sonos, one said it sounded a bit more ‘muddy’.

        The developer did say IF LG launch Google Cast for the speakers in Europe, I can’t see them NOT doing that though if the H/W is capable?

        1. “The developer did say IF LG launch Google Cast for the speakers in Europe, I can’t see them NOT doing that though if the H/W is capable?”

          That would be mind-boggleingly insane. Hopefully they won’t be that stupid!

  3. Sweet, I saw Multi Room mode and Home Theater mode on the demo video in the background. This looks pretty promising, good to have some pressure on Sonos, which I love, but maybe I will love this even more?

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