Aug 28th, 2019

The original Google Chromecast launched over six years ago and has taken the world by storm. Being able to stream content from so many sources to your TV without a remote or annoying interface was awesome, and for only $35, it’s hard to pass up.

The device has seen major adoption, from consumers buying it to manufacturers integrating it into different products. The dongle itself has been through two revisions and an Ultra model that supports 4K. Nonetheless, the original Chromecast has still seen consistent updates from Google.

Unfortunately that time has ended, potentially as early as a year ago, as the first gen Chromecast is now stuck on version 1.36.x. The newer models are all running 1.40.x so they’re running substantially newer firmware and a newer version of Chrome. Nonetheless, Google says that the device will continue to receive bug and security fixes.

Frankly, it’s great that Google supported it for this long. And your old Chromecast will continue working for a lot longer, though you may see some new features not working properly. If that happens, picking up a new one after all this time is a small price to pay.

Source: 9to5Google

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