Jan 5th, 2015

google cast

The ultra-affordable Chromecast has been a massive success for Google. Tons of apps and even games have built in support so you can “cast” things to your TV. While casting things to a TV is really cool, sometimes you just want to cast audio. Soon that will change.

Google has announced “Google Cast for audio,” which puts the casting feature in speakers, sound bars, and receivers. Google Cast-ready speakers will show up just like the Chromecast. Simply press the “Cast” button in compatible apps and choose the audio device. The speakers pull the audio from the cloud for great audio quality.

The first Google Cast for audio devices will arrive this spring from Sony, LG, and HEOS by Denon. More will arrive later in 2015. In the future Google hopes you will be able to cast to anything with a screen or speaker.

[via Google]

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