New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 doubles LTE bandwidth and delivers first Snapdragon 810 phone



Samsung has announced a new version of their Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and it’s one we definitely wished was headed to everyone in the market for a new smartphone. The company loaded up their second 2014 flagship (our review of which can be read right here) with new LTE-Advanced radios that support simultaneous tri-band connections with carrier aggregation, effectively doubling possible data transfer rates from 150 megabits per second to a whopping 300 megabits.

The technology is pretty significant not just for Samsung, but for the industry as a whole. The achievement will pave the way toward not only faster speeds, but stronger and more reliable network performance for smartphones in a world where spectrum and radio hand-offs don’t always go smoothly.

Even more interesting about this new version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, is its processor: Samsung somehow wound up being one of the first to get their hands on the Snapdragon 810 chipset, Qualcomm’s latest top-line silicon that is due for public use in 2015. That Samsung has already announced plans to use the device in a new smartphone bodes well for those expecting to see this chipset in first-half flagships from the industry’s top manufacturers next year.

The Snapdragon 810 is a 64-bit octa-core chipset that fully supports ARM’s big.LITTLE configuration. It’s loaded up with quad-core Cortex-A57 and quad-core Cortex-A53 cores and an Adreno 430 GPU that’s 30% faster than its predecessor.

Unfortunately Samsung didn’t have any hard details to share about availability, though history tells us that we can at least expect a South Korean launch to kick things off. The bad news is that history also tells us not to expect this thing to be dished out on a wide-scale basis. That said, its 2015 launch should spell good things for those hoping for the new technology to be stuffed into the latest and greatest smartphones on Samsung’s horizons.

[via Samsung]

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  1. :0

  2. Would have been better with a Note 4+.
    Most Note user is ready for a bigger screen, keeping the screen size to the same size as Note 3 was a mistake. All phones above 5.7″ from Samsung have been mid-level phones, we want a premium phone with a 6.3″ screen Now!!!

  3. this is y i dont buy flagships . all flagships are out dated in 2 months. cant pay premium price for them.the cellphone industry is eating itself with marketing like this.

    1. If you were in Korea, maybe I’d feel for you, but this thing isn’t going anywhere else. No need to make a big deal out of it.

  4. Nexus 6 is not mid level and is better than the note 4

    1. Nah… it aint, its a mediocre device… mediocre battery life, with mediocre use of its screen size.

      1. With an OLD Amoled generation! (burn-ins!!!!)

        1. I don’t even get temporary burn-ins on my Nexus 6. Battery time lasts me 2.5-3 days without charging (16-18 hours screen on).

          I don’t know what devices you’re using.. but it’s not a Nexus 6. :)

          1. Dude, I don’t have a N6, a friend does (lucky him), and I first noticed a slight burn-in in the nav bar part, not that big but it is there, my S5 (older than his N6) have no burn-ins at all! looks like Moto need a new AMOLED provider, OR let them use OLED, it’s good too.

          2. The N6’s screen is made by Samsung.

          3. Yeah, but samsung gave it the older gen xD samsung isnt that idiot to give it the last gen of its amoled XD still sux!

          4. Just making sure you were aware. It sounded like you think Samsung’s sh** don’t stink. Meanwhile you’re (knowingly or unknowling) bashing the display they made for the N6.

          5. Yeah, cuz Moto already experienced Samung’s amoled and it sucked cuz they have them old gen amoled, and they didnt change! So its moto’s fault not being realistic and go for another tech like oled or lcd which they know they may get better results with!

          6. You seem to not understand that that OLED is not another tech from AMOLED.

          7. You seem to not be aware that Samsung is very much in the habit of selling their latest screen technology to others and they always have been – minus a period 4 years ago when supply dried up.

          8. Sounds bogus. Unless your friend is staying on an app that had the navigation bar frequently up. I experience no burn-in at all. I ordered mine from T-mobile (their first batch) and haven’t had any issues with it. They (Note 4 and Nexus 6) have their uses.

          9. In fact he uses it a lot, doesnt keep it in a static image, hut the bottom is always static so that’s why we see some slight burn in, not visible, it doesnt alter when watching videos, but its there and can be seen under some pictures!

          10. The bottom isn’t always static.. Have you used a Nexus 6 or even Lollipop for more than five minutes? Just curious.

          11. :| not all apps go to imursive mode -_- using whatsapp and other messaging apps, theyre not in imursive mode!

          12. N6 owner here as well and no burn in at all. This is actually my 3rd N6 and no burn ins for any of them.

          13. Its not a very agressive burn in! It cant be seen from far, but after some time you may notice a light burn in the nav bar when imursive mode get in!

          14. That sucks.

          15. No burn in on my N6 either… My Note 3 had major burn in… But then again its typical for any Amoled screen to get burn in,…so I’m surprised my N6 isn’t getting any burn in at all.

          16. I hate to say it, but I believe you are greatly over-stating your battery life. There has yet been a phone go 2.5-3 days WITH 16-18 hours of screen on time. Even with 6-8, you’d be pushing it to two days.

            I say this having owned the superb Sony Z3 which did get 2 days on battery with 6 hours of screen on time.

          17. I keep my screen brightness to the very minimum, even while out in the sun (though, lately quite cloudy). I can catch it next time that I go off charge, but the only time my battery gets zapped is while playing Ingress. With Ingress, 6-8 hours (constant screen time). That’s why I’ve not even considered changing phones any time soon. I had bought a 25000 mAh battery pack thinking I would need it. I’ve only had to use it once or twice.

          18. I kept my Z3 screen on auto-adjust the entire time. It was fantastic outside, BTW. But then, I still only seen 2 days with 6 hour screen on time. Pushing less pixels than the Nexus 6 as well.

          19. Is your brightness set to 5%. I am at 45% and can barely get 5 – 6 hours of screen on time with my Nexus 6.

          20. Mine is set to as low as it can possibly go, ambient screen is turned off, gps is local only (except when playing Ingress), no adaptive brightness, and I tend to lock onto 2/3G only unless doing something that requires 4G/LTE. I can still text, get notifications on my Moto 360, and respond to them either way (screen or watch). Only time I really change these settings is when I’m playing games.

          21. So pretty much instead of using your phone to it’s full potential all the time you’re limiting yourself in order to be able to ‘say’ you get 2.5-3 day battery life. It’s bad enough for your eyes as is. But we need pics.

            I could under clock, drop my screen to 1%, turn off all my syncing on my Oneplus One and probably manage 5 days battery life. But why in the world would I want a low end device, suited in a flagship suit.

          22. I’ll start another cycle and take screenshots when I reach 2-3 days.

            I don’t use Ambient screen whatsoever, as I have the Moto 360 to alert me if any new notifications. I’ve never needed LTE/4G speeds or GPS unless I’m playing Ingress (and even then, 3G is good enough on T-mobile). I don’t underclock the processor or use non-stock kernel (yet). I still utilize the processor and RAM. That’s what makes it a flagship device on top of the display resolution. Display brightness hurts my eyes if over 10%..(which I have kept displays this “dark” for the past three devices).

          23. More power to you then… Literally.

            You probably keep your apps in check as well as there are some power hungry ones out there and in my phone/360.

            I’m curious now. So assuming you keep the 360 on low light as well, why go for the 360? I chose it due to the light sensor, I like the adjustments. Seems the LG R would have been better since it’s slightly better on power for your use.

          24. He’s lying.

          25. Based off of your other posts, you troll awfully bad.

          26. Post screenshots or GTFOH

        2. Can you clarify how they came out with a new resolution but are still using an older-generation AMOLED?

          I know that the internet – comprised of a lot of Samsung astroturfers – insist that Moto is getting “old” tech – but – looking at the fabs making the screens – I rather doubt it.

          Everyone at reddit is saying that Anandtech said so – but – oh no they didn’t.


          They said that others speculated it.

          1. Then how can you explain the burn-ins on many motos?

          2. The same way that the rest of us working in the industry do – it’s a new panel. All new. No conspiracy theories required. The old panels you and others are quoting – did that when they were the new panels.

            And thanks to blog amplification, we don’t know how many are really having the problem.

            Anyway, it’s an inherent weakness of all of these panels.

          3. Haven’t had a burn-in on my Moto 360 and I’ve had it since October. Charge it overnight every three days.

          4. Hows that supposed to fix current burn ins?

          5. Your statement was explain them. Moto has released a firmware update that resolved the issue (no more burn in) . They also allowed returns of ones that were burned in (temporarily). The displays aren’t the issue all the time.

          6. Hmm ok ☺ but meh! Not going to send it from where I am to another country xD

      2. I agree..if your gonna have 6 inches…at least throw in a stylus…..at least.

    2. I think each have their strong points, overall. Keep in mind that, for the most part, the Note 4 can have more functionality for some people due to the S-Pen. I’ve had the Note 3 (and still do as a backup for now) and have only used the S-Pen a handful of times to doodle. I don’t find it as “functioning” as others do. I rarely, if ever, actually used “pen window” or “multi-window” functions of the Note 3 either..

      This is why the Nexus 6 is my “ideal” device.

  5. Note 4 > N6 (PERIOD!)

    1. I’ll admit objectively the Note 4 is better for most people, especially the much better display, but I just love having stock Android out of the box, easy modding, and Motorola’s fantastic build quality.

  6. Nexus 6 pure android > Note 4 touchwiz

    1. In your dreams. They’re both good though.

    2. Today’s joke of the day goes to ….. Robert Hughes. Congrats.

      1. The best part of every great joke is the element of Truth. ;) My Last phone was the Note 3,.. I personally don’t like Touchwiz,…and all the pre-installed Samsung bloatware which I had no use for. Not to mention Samsung feels the need to make an equivalent to every Google app in existence. It just boils down to personal preference, I like pure Android, I like having a device that’s first in line for all android updates, I like having zero bloatware, and I love the warranty on my phone. That’s my personal preference.

  7. Literally just ordered my Nexus 6 the other day, was holding off for an 810 based device.

  8. What a beast.

  9. Wow Samsung really needs to slow it down a little

  10. Note 4 is the best phone in the world right now. End of story…

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