Christmas came and went — how did you make out?



If you weren’t on Santa’s naughty list this year, chances are you found at least one piece of cool new tech under the Christmas tree. Did you find a shiny new Nexus 6? A pair of Samsung Gear VR goggles? An official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle? We want to hear about it! Consider this your post-holidays open thread for talking about all the new gifts and gadgets you have unwrapped in recent weeks.

Remember, if you have any questions about your new smartphone or tablet (not so much the BB gun) head on over to the newly redesigned Android Forums. Our staff along with thousands of like-minded Android fans are there to help. If you just want to vent about the Christmas gifts you didn’t get, you can do that too.

Next up: 2015 and CES where we are sure to get our first peek at all the tech you’ll be putting on your list next year.

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  1. Santa got my boys an Xbox one and a new TV and my daughter a Samsung tablet. Thank god Santa got that Christmas bonus.

  2. N6 here as an early gift when AT&T released it. Gift card to the movie theater. LG LED and Samsung Stove. Random, right?

  3. i got a coffee mug. no really, that’s all i got.

    1. I had a similar haul last year. Not really too many great things. For myself the Limefuel external battery and a shiny clear case for my phone before Christmas this year and got a fair amount of cash.

  4. Had a nice day with the family, wife got me an awesome t-shirt

  5. Nexus 7 for me, Moto X for the wife.

    Daughter got Taylor Swift tickets instead of a computer.

    1. Pretty ridiculous that tickets are so expensive these days. Either a computer (which can provide years of joy and productivity) or a single show to a teen pop star. Seems like an easy choice in my book; then again, I’m not a young girl.

      1. Taylor Swift – creating haters that hate for good reasons since forever.

    2. Where did you buy the Nexus 7, out of curiosity? I want a good Nexus tablet. I’m not sure about getting the Nexus 9 since I’ve heard that they might have issues with the screen and the Nexus 10 is hard to find at a price that’s comparable to what it was from Google before the N9 was released.

      1. Radio Shack had a bunch in store for $179

      2. Swappa.com has them for good prices. Gently used, true, but shop well and you’ll find a very good used one. I got my 32gb N7 for $170. No taxes either.

  6. Thinking of pulling the trigger on the Zenwatch. Still undecided to whether I really need one or not.

    1. No one needs a smart watch at this point in time. But the want has to greatly exceed the need in order to garner a purchase.

      1. Exactly. Not sure if I even want it. It’s intriguing though. I like the idea of a different watch face whenever I want it.

        1. yeah a smart watch is a interesting thing, if you have the money to do it, do it. I really like my G Watch and was in the same debate as you before buying it but I am glad I did as it’s pretty cool and it’s pretty handy but I definitely don’t need it and could function fine without it.

        2. It helps me at work a lot when I’m out and about because I can’t always be going for my phablet. Along with being able to glance at certain notifications and hiding them away until a later time or just making them disappear is great.

          As MrWicket said, if you have the money do it. Tho right now I might wait for CES at least and maybe MWC (if you can hold off that long) and get the potential of some gen 2’s coming out. I couldn’t resist the metal 360 release, bought it on day 1 of availability. One of my best tech purchases.

          And the multiple looks of watch faces is awesome. I have a different one every day of the week.

  7. You guys enjoy the holidays with this application, with which you can send postcards to your loved ones.

  8. I’m getting myself a new pair of BT headphones with the help of some new gift cards.

  9. Candy in the stocking +Wii U+a canister of green tea and that was it. I just need to get some games for the Wii U now.

  10. Nexus 7 2013 here :)

    1. Nexus 7 2013 upgrade here. 16GB to 32GB.

  11. Nexus 6 expected to ship this week vs mid to late January! <— Christmas miracle! :)

  12. I got socks.

  13. Key & Peele: A December to Remember: http://youtu.be/fl5kwJ7eJSo

  14. Got myself a Nexus 9 but it was an early Christmas present. Other than that pajamas, socks, t-shirts and Cologne. Funny enough I bought my wife a Volvo XC90 and that’s all I got. LOL

  15. Bought myself a Nexus 7 and a speaker bar. Going to buy some blutooth headphones with the gift cards I got and some paint for my room with the home depot one

  16. Tech devices are super rare gifts unless I buy them for myself.

  17. Put me in with a Asus Zenwatch and a winbook tw100 with keyboard. A BMW 530i. Cable and cd to code the BMW a must….. And a few more thinks

  18. Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 tablet, FitBit Surge smartwatch, Moto G, and Skullcandy Crusher headphones. Not a bad haul, I would say.

  19. Klipsch speakers 2.1 for my computer :)

  20. Got myself a nexus 6, some clothes and new shaving clippers from the girlfriend.

  21. I got an Apple ipad 3rd generation 32 GB with wifi and cellular 4G LTE & accessories for ipad. Some cash and subscription to Netflix!!!!

  22. I got a l g g watch R, Lifx bulb, iPad air, and 20$ google play card

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