Dec 15th, 2014

Google Docs Sheets Slides

Feels like it was only yesterday that Google updated their Docs, Sheets, and Slides with a sleek new Material design interface. But it seems Google’s not done with them yet. Before the new year can even officially roll in, Google is once again updating their productivity suite this time, with some pretty useful new features.

Rolling out on the Google Play Store starting today, you will find new line spacing options for Docs, Sheets with scrollbars for quicker navigation and Slides updated with insert/move/resize/rotate for text boxes/shapes/lines within the app (see below GIF for it in action).

Google Slides Lollipop Android

According to Google, all of their apps are much more stable and should play even nicer with Office files and even feature improved accessibility options. You can either download all of the apps for free on Google Play, or wait for the updates to hit your devices where they’re already installed. Cheers.

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