Reminder: Moto X (2nd Gen) $140-off promo codes expire at midnight, try to grab one here


Nova Launcher Moto X 2014 DSC07206

A contender for one of the Best Phones of 2014, the Motorola Moto X (2nd Gen) is no Android device to be trifled with. Recently, as part of a holiday promotion, Motorola was handing out discount codes to anyone quick enough to sign up. As a heads up, we wanted to remind you that these promo codes — which nab you $140 off the Moto X Pure Edition — expire tonight at 11:59 Central Time.

Because a good majority of people figured they’d pick up the promo code first, and worry about getting the phone later, those that ultimately decided against it (whether they didn’t have the funds, or the Mrs wouldn’t allow it) are now posting the codes in a thread on Reddit (right here).

Should you be in the market for a shiny new, customized Moto X (2nd Gen) — which is already running the latest version of Android 5.0.1 Lollipop — you can look there. Have any promo codes of your own? Feel free to post in the comment section below! Happy holidays.

[Build a custom Moto X (2nd Gen) from Motorola]

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  1. Someone use this code, I got the Nexus 6 instead : USCM-QWMT-SHA6-9X77-ASLX

  2. Here’s one: USCM-PWOC-66LT-XXHN-W2XH

    1. Claimed. Thanks.

  3. Here’s one: USCM-DBUF-HALE-3CGI-KKNN



  6. Got 3 codes myself, got one for the wife and gave two to my cousins. I have to say, the phone is awesome. The customizable always listening feature is just too good. As much as I am tempted, I want a nexus 6. Who has discount codes for Nexus 6 ;)

  7. Why can’t I check out the financing link on the page? Makes no sense to have the site work fine for phone design then say I can’t use my device to view this page

    1. Try not using chrome. Worked for me with explorer

      1. I ended up just using my laptop but thanks it’s odd earlier today it said I would receive in 5-7days tonight it said by the 30th

        1. Glad that you got it to work. My wife was told 10 days and received it in 3. I hope that you have the same luck. Others have said wood takes longer for some reason.

          1. I went with the leather back I’m hoping it holds up long enough for me to burn my upgrade on a 2015 flagship

          2. Need to offer the droid turbo through their site not link to Verizon

  8. Why is the phone listed for $399 on Moto Maker and then the price jumps to $499 when I select At&t? That doesn’t seem right.

    1. Unlocked “Pure Edition” only.

      1. No, Marcos is correct, I am getting the same thing… If I build it in Moto Maker with 32GB storage the price is $449, as soon as I select any version (except Republic Wireless) the price is $549

        1. @Gamercore:disqus Any clue?

    2. “Starts at $399” which is for Republic Wireless. Otherwise $499. Crappy wording.

  9. The code also gives you 30% of all the accessories on the Motorola
    website but since the code became available, almost all the cool and
    useful accessories are magically out of stock. No keylink, no decent
    cases, most external power packs.. I am sure they’ll reappear when the
    code expires tonight :)


  11. USCM-FIXX-6ACT-V95N-D934

  12. I’m not going to use mine:

  13. Camera and battery are beyond crap on my Moto X 2014….my LG G2 was awesome in these two areas, it’s just too bad there aren’t any vanilla android Roms for the device…

  14. I got two codes. My wife didn’t want to use her
    Not sure if after the 4 is a zero or the letter O


    You’ll have until 11:59 p.m. CT on Monday, December 15,


    You’ll have until 11:59 p.m. CT on Monday, December 15

  17. USCM-KB6B-OI4S-5LL3-OP5H

    You’ll have until 11:59 p.m. CT on Monday, December 15,

  18. I don’t know if its just me, but they take their sweet fucking time in shipping the custom Moto X’s. Anyone else also experiencing delays?

    1. My wife ordered one last Monday, got it in 3 days with custom colors.

      1. Maybe because I got a wood backing? Its frustrating, it was supposed to be here 3 days ago.

  19. USCM-ONZR-9MAU-9YZ6-NA56

  20. Enjoy!


  21. Why is the price so much cheaper for Republic Wireless?

    1. The price for verizon was was a bit higher than Verizons off contract price but with that discount it’s hard to beat

  22. Turbo charger is sweet. Any word if it is safe to use all the time?

    1. Yes it doesn’t speed up the whole charge just the first 15-20 percent then charges as normal

      1. Thank you. The Vzw rep told me not to use it all the time. I thought that didn’t sound right.

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