Samsung Gear VR backordered at Samsung.com, but you can still grab one from AT&T


samsung gear vr

Yesterday Samsung and AT&T surprised everyone by officially putting the Samsung Gear VR Innovators’ Edition up for sale. The virtual reality headset clocks in at $200 and is meant for developers and enthusiasts to help get the early content shaped for what Samsung hopes to be a unique option and a new lucrative product category for wearables.

samsung gear vr backorder

Fast forward to today, and Samsung’s stock is already depleted over at Samsung.com. Trying to order the device will spit out a warning that the device is backordered, though you’re still able to go through with the checkout and have the device shipped out to you when they’re available again (estimated to be about 4 weeks right now). A better course of action? Just head to AT&T as their inventory still seems to be chock full of these without a wait to be had.

It’s pretty interesting that Samsung is already out of stock on their end. Aside from the fact that this first release is meant for enthusiasts and developers to check out mobile-powered virtual reality in the early going, the fact that you need a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to use it puts it out of reach for many people.

High interest in the product certainly does bode well for Samsung, though it could be just as likely that they sent most of their units off to AT&T as the carrier is Samsung’s exclusive launch partner for the Gear VR. Whatever the case may be, $200 for a virtual reality headset isn’t that much to ask to be on the cutting edge of this new category of tech (just as long as you already have a Note 4 to go along with it). Head to AT&T’s site if you’re looking to snap one up.

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  1. anyone who buys this is a idiot. you have to have a note 4 in order for it to work. — Way to go samsung. Develop more products that only your customers can use. what a waste

    1. If they did this any different then this is how it would go:

      it comes with a screen the price skyrockets to $400-$500
      the Samsung team has to develop apps for the entire smartphone ecosystem and consumers will pay for all of that so the price would skyrocket to $600-$800

      As a first attempt they are doing it right in my opinion. the Mk.2 version of this would hopefully come with a screen. for example if you have a Samsung phone you can buy the No Screen VR for $200 but if you don’t you can buy a Screened VR for $250-$300

      1. Its not just a matter of the screen. The VR headset uses all the phones internals as well. For a stand alone device you would have to add the screen, processor, memory, battery, various sensors and all the other things that make up the note minus the S pen, and that sort of stuff. It would end up costing in the 600 to 800 range. I think they played it smart in cutting to costs by making it compatible with a device that would already be available

    2. I got mine… and I already have a Note 4 for it.

  2. https://www.oculus.com/order/

    why wouldnt you just get this?

    1. As a Rift owner here’s why. For starters you need a PC to use the Oculus rift to begin with and not one with integrated graphics either. You need one that can render 3D graphics in 1080p but on two monitors (you can just use the Rift but it isn’t advisable) so a PC of that caliber will probable run you around $800, if you shop around and build your own you can probable cut it down to $600. So that puts total costs at $950.

      With the Samsung VR you get a higher resolution than the DK2. The DK2 uses a 1920×1080 display where as the Galaxy Note 4 has a 1440 x 2560 display. A higher resolution helps get rid of the “Screen Door effect” which is really bad in the DK1.

  3. You can make one out of cardboard.

  4. Around 3 pm EST Dec. 10, I placed my order at Samsung.com. I got no “Back Order” notice.

    Around 1 PM, Dec. 11, I got notice that the VR Gear shipped. It is scheduled to arrive Dec. 16. Does not seem like they are back ordered.

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