Samsung E500 revealed to be entry-level option in Samsung’s new E-Series


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You’ve got the top dogs in the Samsung Galaxy S and Note line and some pretty decent options coming up through the stylish Samsung Galaxy A family, but the South Korean company is looking to introduce another line of smartphones. It’s the E-Series, and until now we really didn’t have much of an idea of what to expect.

A new user agent profile listing discovered on Samsung’s site sheds some new light, though, as the Samsung E500 has been leaked. Early details show the device will sport 720p resolution on a rumored 5-inch display, and that it’ll come with a 1.2GHz processor. No word on processor make and model, though we wouldn’t be surprised to learn it’s a set of silicon from the Snapdragon 400 that’s finding its way into affordable devices and wearables.

There wasn’t much other meaningful information to be had from the user agent profile, though it’s nice to get confirmation on what to expect once Samsung is ready to reveal them. We’re not sure what sort of range we can expect from the E-Series lineup in terms of top-end handsets, though there is expected to be a 5.5-inch offering to come alongside the E500. Whether that device will be loaded up with beefy internals remains to be seen, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for any new details.

[via SamMobile]

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  1. Samsung be like ” yeah we’re cutting down the phones we sell ”

    Here comes the galaxy S series, galaxy note series, galaxy alpha, galaxy A3,A5,A7 series, galaxy zoom series, galaxy edge series and now the galaxy E series

    You can only laugh

    1. Seems like all they’re missing the the Galaxy far far away Star Wars variant….

    2. Samsung’s meeting about the subject afterwards:


  2. I wonder if my next phone will end up being one of these “budget” devices. I currently have a Galaxy S4 and don’t really want something bigger than 5″ (honestly the only way you could improve the S4 is to make it the same size & shape as the SIII) and it seems all the “flagship” phones are going bigger and bigger.

    1. Same here I have a S3 and am not interested in a bigger phone. If I had to buy a new one today I’d go with something smaller. Possibly a Moto G.

      1. The Nexus 5 is not much bigger and it’s a big improvement on the S3 (as well as a decent improvement on the S4). Very nice design in black, cool LCD display, fast and great for any user (rooter or otherwise).

        1. All recent Nexus devices are crippled feature wise with no expandable storage and no replaceable battery.

          In any case ignoring the features missing from the Nexus my S4 is running a GPE ROM so there’s really not much the Nexus offers that I don’t have. Of course you can get a “stable” Android 5.0 build for a Nexus and we will probably have to wait a couple more weeks for a GPE S4 ROM but I’m not a bleeding edge user so I wouldn’t be running Android 5.0 now even if it were available.

          1. What features that you actually I use regularly/truly value are missing from the Nexus 5/6 that the S4 GPE has?

            I phrased the question that way because I don’t want you to name every feature of the phone that’s somewhat unique but also somewhat rarely used. What’s important is what you actually use regularly/value?

  3. Samsung!

    Just make two phones. A flagship that doesn’t totally copy an old iphone design and is made of something other than plastic, and a lower priced phone based on the same design that is made of plastic.

    Then stop making all your other phones.

    Send my share of the profits by PayPal.

    1. that’s TOO small. xD

      this needs to be Samsung’s entire (current, update as needed) product lineup:
      -Galaxy S5
      -Note 4
      -S5 Active
      -K Zoom
      -S5 Mini (to fulfill the budget requirement)

      and for tablets:
      -Tab S 8.4″ & 10.5″
      -Tab 4 8″ & 10.1″ (to fulfill the budget requirement)
      -Note 8″, 10″, & 12″
      -Tab Active

  4. I thought they announced they were going to stop making stuff like this… and then they announce more stuff like this???

  5. I’m going to go ahead and guess it’s the snapdragon 410. 64bit hey why not lol next moto g will have that CPU. Hopefully along with 1.5gb ram instead of just a lonely 1 Cuz one is the loneliest number

  6. fingers crossed that this is samsungs new low end line

    Galaxy E line: Low end in various form factors
    Galaxy S line: Flagship, Active and Compact ala Z3 Compact
    Galaxy N(ote) Line: Flagship, Edge and maybe another Neo

    If only

  7. So much for cutting back on models… they make an entire line-up with every new announcement.

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