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Hey guys, long time no recap. With the big interface update and the holidays, we’ve gone without an Android Forums update for a couple weeks, but we’re back this week with more trending posts from the number destination for Android discussion and debate. If you haven’t checked out the new digs, be sure to see our list of some helpful tips and tricks for settling in. Now, onto those precious posts.

Best mobile broadband plan

Whether you are frequently away from home or looking to cut the cord altogether, choosing a mobile broadband plan can be a daunting task. There are seemingly unlimited options to choose from all with their own tiered pricing structures and overage charges to boot. Which gives the most bang for the buck? That’s the debate over at Android Forums.

Do you pay for in-app content?

Most are quick to scoff at the idea of in-app purchases, but developers continue to use them as a primary means of monetization. This must mean that someone out there spends the money on downloadable content and add-ons, but who? Have you, like forum mod ocnbrze, dropped $20 in a game during one sitting? Don’t be shy, let us know.

Choosing a third-party launcher

One of the advantages Android has over other operating system like iOS is the ability to download and modify third-party home screen launchers for a truly customized device experience. If only there weren’t seemingly hundreds to choose from. For a new Android user looking to get into the world of launchers, Android Forums sure is a great place to start.

Is a better Nexus 6 in the works?

Only so much as there is always a better smartphone in the works. Yes, people are already beating themselves up for buying a Nexus 6 over rumors that Motorola is — gasp — developing an even better smartphone based off of the work started with the device. It might share a similar screen size. It might launch with Droid branding. But it won’t launch soon (rumors say it could come as late as fall 2015). If you are always waiting for the next big thing, you’ll never have a chance to enjoy the here and now. Your Nexus 6 is fine.

The world is about to end

You heard it here first, folks. The world is coming to an end. Again? Didn’t the whole Mayan calendar thing just happen? The vague proclamation by user iammasterchat2014 has unsurprisingly stirred up quite a bit of reaction. This seems like as good a time as any for a reminder: if the world is indeed about to end, do not let the trolls win.

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  1. I’ve paid for some quality stuff that I want to encourage. The card game Ascension is probably the best example. I bought some expansions for that one. I’d generally like to see more board/card games available on Android, so I’m more inclined to pay for that sort of thing. I’m less inclined to drop real coin on the various “casual” games I’ve played. (Though Puzzle and Dragons is tempting me with their various collabs. I hate myself for being addicted to PAD.)

  2. No to IAPs. Played Clash of Clans and Candy Crush for months without them but I do know several people that have spent hundreds of dollars on Clash of Clans. One who has spent more than $600 and I know for a fact that they can’t afford it.

  3. Only if it’s free.

  4. I’ve spent money on IAP. Mainly Brave Frontier. =.[
    All my money!! >.<

    Though I don't really buy actual video games, so that's where my money goes. I usually pay attention to see if it's worth buying things. Like in Candy Crush, you think I'm about to pay $40 just to have 5 more turns on one level? You can get the hail out my face with that mess!!

  5. I’ve made in-app purchases in some games partly as a way to give some money to the devs for an enjoyable game (Knights of Pen and Paper, Army of Darkness Defense are 2 off the top of my head).

    This probably doesn’t count the same, but I’ve also made a lot of in-app purchases on Comixology and the Kindle app.

  6. As much as I hate IAP, I have spent around $15 over time: $5 for plugins to Papyrus (better note taking for S-Pen), 1 dragon for Kingdom Rush, and 1 dragon for KR: Frontiers. Not a cent to greedy Rovio! The only reason I bought dragons in Kingdom Rush is that I play those games over and over again, and having paid for the game once I did want to reward the dev again for such a great game and neverending fun his creation is giving me.

  7. Never.

  8. Useful apps, like Launchers ect. yes.
    Games with IAP – Never.

    I hate the fact, that there are very few games left without IAP.

  9. I do not. I pay for extra content though (ie: wolf among us, walking dead )

  10. To remove ads or fully unlock an app yes to progress through a game h&!! No

  11. I buy stuff it’s to go from free to paid version of a shareware utility. Like Titanium Backup. I also bought the extra 8 levels for Monument Valley since that’s a great deal that nearly doubles the size of the original game.

    But never, ever, ever will I buy anything in a game like Candy Crush. If it gets to the point it’s required I wipe the game – it’s only going to get worse from here!

    Basically, if I’m doing a one time purchase for content or features for a reasonable price, sure.

  12. No In Application Purchases for me. I will gladly pay for Premium apps or totally unlocked games though.

  13. Nope! Thanks to Lucky Patcher. :-P

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