Dec 5th, 2014


Most people know of Aaron Paul thanks to his captivating role on television’s Breaking Bad. The now iconic character — Jesse Pinkman — could be found screaming the catchphrase “Yo, b*tch!” in various episodes. It was his schtick and nobody did it quite like him. Because messaging apps are the hottest trend in mobile, Aaron Paul is teaming up with Maximilian & Co., an LA-based design company, to launch an app called just that: Yo, B*tch. Well, it’s listed as YB in app stores to keep from stepping on toes.

Yo Btch YB app

If you’re familiar with Yo, YB acts in much the same way. You can’t actually type out messages to anyone, instead you send various phrases ending with the word “b*tch” — all spoken out in Aaron Paul’s voice. Via in-app purchases, users can unlock even more phrases like the 99 cent Socrates pack which houses “HOW, B*TCH” or “YOU SERIOUS, B*TCH!” We’ve done it, folks. We’ve reached the pinnacle of 21st century communication.


Really, the app is supposed to be fun and that fact that there’s no entry fee means soon you could be receiving curse words from your 7 year old niece. Although it’s only available now for iOS, Aaron Paul did mention that an Android version is due out early next year. We’ll keep an eye out for ya.