Sony opens underwater store to showcase water resistant Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact


Sony Xperia AquaTech store 1

We’ve seen few OEM’s put forth any real effort at waterproofing their devices, and none like Sony has. Sure the Samsung Galaxy S5 can tout an impressive water resistance rating, but Sony’s entire Xperia smartphone line has been doing this for years, while OEM’s like HTC and Motorola watch safely from dry land.

To showcase the water resistant qualities of their Xperia smartphones, Sony has opened up a new underwater store in Dubai. They’re calling it the Xperia Aquatech Store and it’s located about 13 feet unduh da sea. Okay, so it’s not a real store where anyone with a snorkel can just swim right in. This is mainly a PR stunt for media, competition winners, and select VIPs to partake in.

Sony Xperia AquaTech store 2

Access to the store requires actual scuba diving gear which means participants will need to take a short class (provided by Sony) in a nearby pool before going on the real dive. The funny part? Because the Sony Xperia Z3 and Sony Xperia Z3 Compact are only rated for about 5 feet under water, Sony assures us the phones were transported to the underwater store in a special case.

Sony Xperia AquaTech store 3

Once inside the store — which essentially is one big air pocket — a Sony rep provides demos of their phones. Ironically, the phones don’t perform very well if the screen is wet, meaning they’d need to be dried off first.

[via XperiaBlog]

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  1. NO capacitive touch screen really works underwater. That being said, I’m constantly asked to prove my waterproofing. It has yet to fail me.

  2. Also, I thought the rating didn’t necessarily cover salt water immersion?

    1. looks like it’s in a pool

      1. That first photo above is a pool??? Sure as hell looks like a beach, at an ocean, to me. But sure, they could split hairs and say, “oh, that is from a fresh water pond”.

  3. Considering the known issue of water getting into the lanyard spot on the z3, they might have their work cut out for themselves

    1. No lanyard on my z3v. Any known issues with the headphone jack ?

      1. They say absence of the lanyard spot on the z3v (Verizon’s variant) actually improves on the water resistant rating. Haven’t seen anything about the headphone jack so far. It has a gasket though, so that helps? I am not knowledgeable about that. Here’s the water problem thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/2llrkn/psa_sony_xperia_z3_is_not_waterproof/

  4. I got an idea Sony instead of worrying about underwater stores why don’t you concentrate on not getting hacked.

    1. Because Sony doesn’t have different departments…….OH WAIT, yeah they do :-) #Idiot

      1. Oh, wait your right. Who the f…k cares it’s a general statement jackazz. Don’t stop looking for a life by the way :) #mammasboy

  5. You know the REAL hacked up thing about this waterproof deal with Sony, they claim not to use in sea water, but some of their ads and commercials show images that very well could be construed as in sea water – like the one above, oceans – so it is like they purposefully show these images to you, get you to buy, and then on the sly have a caveat about sea water.

  6. LoL!! I think I need to get off the internet. I literally thought in the first picture people were snorkeling to an underwater store.

    SMH. We all have those moments, right? =.S

  7. I get the waterproofing, I really do. But there’s a line where stunts like these become pure ridiculousness and nothing more.

  8. Because Dubai. That’s all that needs to be said.

    … and people think ‘murica represents flamboyant excess. Pfft.

  9. This is just stupid.

  10. an absolute waste of money!!! if the phone is water resistant but the screen wont function, then this is only useful in toilet bowl drops. so an under water store is way over kill, coulda done this with a fish tank!

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