HTC already planning a second RE Camera



The HTC RE Camera, HTC’s first activity camera for folks who like recording their adventures hands-free, hasn’t proven it’s worth its skin, but the Taiwanese company is already planning on the sequel. HTC North Asia president Jack Tong confirmed as much to Focus Taiwan. The reasoning? Well, they just want to get more diverse in an increasingly competitive smartphone market.

Tough competition out in South Korea, Japan, China and here in the United States has made it tough for any competitor to maintain solid growth. Even the smartphone behemoth known as Samsung is beginning to feel the harsh effects of a declining market. It’s not all that odd to see HTC putting forth this much effort to enter an arena that they aren’t at all familiar with.

We’re not sure what it says to the current HTC RE’s sales performance that HTC is already thinking on its successor (especially considering the company has yet to release public sales figures), but if it’s bad then at least it isn’t so bad that they don’t believe there’s a market for it. For now, we’ll continue to enjoy the HTC RE that’s only been on the market for a month’s time.

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  1. People actually buy these?

    1. I bought one for $99 on black friday…have yet to take it out of the box and try…but at this price point might not be too bad. At $199…don’t think I would buy it.

  2. It’s so damn ugly.

  3. I got mine on black Friday. It’s a great device for $100, not $200. And they really need to work on the App, very buggy. I tried three phones before I could get it to work. But once up and running its a very handy little device.

    1. Exactly, at $100 its a no brainer if you have any remote interest in something like this.

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