Wire is a new messaging contender backed by the co-creator of Skype


wire messaging app

It seems everyone needs to make a messaging app these days, and yet another one has turned up this morning. Its name is Wire, a messaging app made by one of the creators of now-Microsoft-owned Skype. Those credentials seem pretty legit no matter how you feel about Skype, so does a beefy resume translate into an app worthy of great attention?

Well, no, not really. It’s a very simple client that doesn’t try to do too much, and perhaps that’s where the value lies for many. But aside from pretty aesthetics and a no-nonsense messaging system there isn’t much here to go wild about. Emphasis is placed on high quality voice calls, in-line display of photos, YouTube videos and SoundCloud clips and a synchronization system that lets you pick the convo up where you left off. They’re also pretty proud about end-to-end encryption for calls and texts.


But beyond any of that, there’s little more it offers. Perhaps that’ll change in the future — in fact, Wire says it definitely will — but for now it’s just another messaging app to go alongside the dozens of other viable options out there. The app is currently available for Android, iOS and Mac OS X, though a web browser version is also expected to arrive soon.

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  1. Of course, make it only for Mac so you only get 9% of the market. A very intelligent strategy, if I do say so myself. NOT

  2. Is this another confusing product of Microsoft’s Garage initiative?

  3. I highly doubt that it will be a success. The majority of the people already use apps like whatsapp and kik. A lot of people said that the would leave whatsapp when Facebook bought including a lot of friends of my. But in the end the are still using whatsapp cause a lot of them simple didn’t wanna use a different app.

  4. Becoming like fart apps..

  5. Try our app that none of your friends and family are on, which does literally nothing special. Just cuz.

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