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Yesterday we unveiled the top Android phones of the holiday season — the ones we wouldn’t mind seeing wrapped in a bow and placed under the Christmas tree. Now we are counting down the top Android tablets for the end of 2014.

As with our Best Phones list, we have migrated our tablet rankings to a new home for easy accessibility and flexibility in updating as the landscape shifts with each new release. We will, at a minimum, be refreshing our list at the beginning of each month, but you might want to check more frequently in case of other changes. We will always announce any re-ordering of our list with a post here on the Phandroid main page.

So if a tablet is on the wish list of one of your loved ones this holiday season and you just don’t know where to begin, start with our top five (plus a look at the honorable mentions and upcoming tablets worth waiting for).

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  1. The Sammy Tab Pro 12.2 is still worth a mention. There’s nothing else out there at that size and price point. Granted it’s a bit impractical for many applications, but if you want a tablet for reading comic books/illustrated novels, it can’t be beat.

  2. You know the Android tablet landscape is bad when a tablet released in mid-2013 is on a ‘best of’ list at the end of 2014. And that tablet had basically the same specs as a phone released in late 2012.

    1. Yeah…also strange that the Nexus 9 is ranked higher than the Tab S. I mean the Nexus 9 is overpriced, has a bad aspect ratio, and feels really cheap. The other day I played with one at Best Buy and if it wasn’t for the screen, I would have thought it was a $99 special judging by the build quality.

  3. Why is Lenovo’s Yoga 10 HD+ on the honorable mention list instead of the newer (and much better) Yoga 2 10.1?

  4. My top 5 Android tablets:
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4
    Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4
    LG G Pad 8.3
    Nvidia Shield Tablet
    Asus Nexus 7 (2013)

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