Check your inbox: Sony Smartwatch 3 arriving on doorsteps today



It was just yesterday that the Google Play Store started selling the Sony Smartwatch 3 and the guys in the warehouse are wasting no time with their trigger finger. Initial order statuses claimed a shipping date of November 12th:

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 7.01.04 AM

But at some point that was amended to show shipping beginning today (November 11th):


And checking your inbox may result in an even more exciting surprise: many of those arrival dates have been amended to November 11th as well. That’s right… UPS is sending out shipping notifications letting people know that packages originally estimated for delivery tomorrow will instead be delivered today.


UPS also took to the time to “apologize for the inconvenience”. If that’s what you call an inconvenience, you can inconvenience me whenever you want, big brown! Keep in mind this likely only applies to customers who chose overnight delivery.

If you got in on the action, don’t forget to check out our Sony Smartwatch 3 forums!

[Via Android Forums]

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  1. That first picture made me think of a TV on the wrist.
    Smartwatches are big :P

    1. Lady wrists are small.

      1. Smartwatches make a lot of male wrists look like lady wrists.

  2. I had mine already last week. Got it at verizon wireless. Just took it back to store though. waiting on zen watch.

    1. what was wrong with it? or you prefer the look of the Zen watch?

      1. Looked too sporty and bigger than I thought. Plus I like the look of Zen watch better.

        1. FYI the Zenwatch isn’t really smaller.

          Sony SmartWatch 3: 36mm L x 51mm W x 10mm H.

          Zenwatch: 39.9 x 51 x 7.6 ~ 9.4 mm

          1. Width wise it is, but the zen looks sleeker and more dressy to me and I will probably end up with the 360 because of the wireless charging. It depends on battery life on the zen.

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