Life is not fair: Kim Kardashian’s mobile game has made $43 million



Remember that annoying Kim Kardashian game that was featured in the Play Store a few months ago? The one where Kim looks totally realistic? The one that our own Chris Chavez shamelessly +1’d in the Play Store? Well, people are playing it. A lot of people. But more importantly they are spending a lot of money on in-app purchases.

Glu Mobile, the maker of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (oh sorry I meant KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD), has shared their Q3 earnings report. The Kardashian game made $43 million, which is more money than all of their other games combined. It just goes to show you that literally anyone can make money off of an app, and life is not fair. I can’t wait to play the North West game.

[via Mashable]

Joe Fedewa
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  1. The people that spend money on this trash need to be lined up in the streets and shot on national TV.

    1. I’m done. LoL!!

    2. Give this man a medal!

  2. This title hit it right on the head, this simply is not fair lol

  3. Kill me now!

    1. Rise my friend, unless you’re the one making In app purchases in this game you do not deserve death… Those that are supporting this trash are the ones deserving of punishment.. Lol

  4. This is more proof our country is littered with idiots.

    A fool and his purse are soon parted.

  5. Outta line!!

  6. My fake Kim app is coming soon. It’s just wrong that her app makes that kinda money.

  7. I hate what people have devolved into.

  8. You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public

  9. Remember the movie Idiocracy? Well, I think they were on to something.

    1. Reading isn’t just for fags (read: nerds). Nor is intelligent thought.

    2. It’s gawt elektrolights!

  10. Forty three million dollars. What on earth has this girl done to earn so much bread? I want 43 million dollars. I need Bruce Jenner and a plastic surgeon. And jugs.

  11. Holy Cow, $43 mill for an app about someone who is only marginally better looking than Roseanne Barr, with about the same IQ and talents (??).

    1. I’d have to disagree, i think Roseanne Barr has more talent.

      1. I had never even heard the name Roseanne Barr before now.

        1. 90s sitcom era. My avatar’s bro was her husband on the show.

  12. Lol.

    No-one here gets it…

    She is doing what every politician is doing and that is being good at making money from idiots.

    You have to be just as upset about them as you are about her.

    I say good for her for playing on peoples lack of mentality just like politicians.

  13. that does not look like her!!

  14. I shouldn’t be commenting on something I don’t know or care anything about, but I am just another moron.

    That said, I am not moronic enough to EVER buy ANYTHING she sells! Look her up on Wikipedia. With all her monies, look for a Philanthropy section; nada!

    This is the most I have ever written/spoken about this individual. I am going to brush my teeth now and swear never to waste my time this way again!

    Our species deserve whatever drastic fate awaits us! We haven’t been this stupid in a long, long time and seems as though we are regressing.

  15. I would be curious to see the revenue statistics by platform: iOS/Android

  16. haha, I wonder how many people saying this is horrible actually have this app on their phone!

    I can’t understand why people like her stuff and show. Ultimately it is a form of entertainment though, people like some weird stuff for entertainment! You have to hand it to her, she doesn’t seem to have any great skills but yet she is making all this money. At a certain point you have to understand she is effective at what she does, even if a lot of people don’t like it, she is making millions.

    1. If she was considered ugly by society or didn’t wear makeup she’d be kinda poor.

  17. What would you say… you do around here?

  18. Hmm…what a fast way for me to avoid this site!!!

  19. Idiocracy is becoming a reality.

  20. I tried playing this game and my balls shriveled up and fell off. Thanks a lot, Glu Games.

    1. You deserve what you get for funding Glu. They suck. They sucked before the kardashian game, they will continue to suck.

  21. On behalf of Android users everywhere, and the entire human race, i am truly embarrassed that anything with her name on it generates income or interest of any kind.

  22. I’d say how disgusted I was but then I realized the amount of money I spend on books, shows and movies on Google Play would probably disgust a lot of people. lol.

  23. Stop the ride… I want off.

  24. This is a disgrace to the human race as a whole.

  25. Y’all folks are hating HARD. Am I the biggest Kim K. fan? ABSOLUTELY NOT, but she found another way to capitalize off of her fame and popularity or lack there of. Do something of note and make money for yourself and get off her sack . Geesh.

    1. Do something of note yourself… by ending your miserable life and shutting yourself up permanently.

      1. Gosh, I really wish your mother and I had gotten that abortion. All those times I let off in her mouth, and i just had to bust one in her…. Talk about miserable.

    2. Oh, give it a rest and get off your high horse.

      1. I’m not sure you know what the fvck a “high horse” is, or the proper usage for that phrase, so, I’ll just let that slide. Dumbass.

        1. If you dont know that phrase you dont have the right to call anyone a “dumbass”

          1. If you don’t know how to read I suggest you don’t make comments that make you look like the proverbial “dumbass”

  26. ‘We’ as human beings should be extinct just for downloading that POS game.

    Edit: As well as me for my lack of grammar.

  27. 43 million. I’m in the wrong line of work.

  28. Further proof that we as a society are a bunch of babbling morons. Shame on anyone who encourages and funds that bullshit.

  29. Id only play that if i had to option to run her over with my car a few times or blow up her house with her in it.

  30. This game should just be an IOS exclusive. Seems geared for the idiots of the world.

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