OnePlus posts details for second pre-sale opportunity November 17th


OnePlus One DSC06079

After OnePlus’s first attempt at pre-sales for the OnePlus One didn’t go so well, the company is looking to change things this time around. The next opportunity — which takes place for one hour beginning November 17th 11AM Eastern time — will work just like before in terms of ordering. You can prepare your order in advance and have your name added to a queue of folks looking to get their hands on the start-up’s affordable (but powerful smartphone).

This difference this time, OnePlus says, is in the backend. For starters, the server issues folks experience last time should hopefully be cleared up, so actually getting through checkout shouldn’t be much of an issue. They are also changing the way they are handling pre-orders:

  • Invites will still get you the phone immediately, but pre-orders now guarantee a shipment as soon as any extra units are in stock (assuming your name is at the top of the list). This should hopefully make for faster shipping estimates without the fear of waiting weeks on end.
  • Payments are now authorized in advance, but not charged until the order actually ships. This makes it easy to change your mind in case you decide you don’t want the device anymore.

To top that off, the company says they’ll be offering steep discounts on OnePlus One accessories when bought with the pre-order to celebrate the changes to their pre-order system. Time will tell if there will be a reason to celebrate once the floodgates open, but it sounds like they’re pretty confident there will be no more issues moving forward. Anyone still looking to scoop one up?

[via OnePlus]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Love my one plus one phone I use as my primary passed my nexus 5 to my son. This is still the best phone on the market speed wise and usability of cynogenmod beats the iPhone 6 and takes better picture.

    1. You would be the ONLY one who thinks this takes better pictures than an iphone 6
      DXO Mark, an acknowledged leader in camera, lens and cell phone camera reviews doesn’t even have the One Plus One in the top 25 of cell cameras and has the iphone 6 number one as do most other test sites. You have taken fanboyism to a new high.

      1. and we are not talking about subjective reviews as found on Phandroid, Droid Life, etc.Here, take a look and tell me again how good the OPO is


        1. 1. dxomark doesn’t have it in the top 25 because they NEVER TESTED the OnePlus One, so your point is invalid.

          2. dxomark COMPLETELY IGNORES zooming and cropping, which are some of the most important features of any camera. Their opinion is to be ignored.

          3. GSM Arena does a much better job (since they’ve actually tested the phone)

          Click on “scaled to 8mp” to equal things out with the iPhone, and judge for yourself.

      2. How can you draw that conclusion if this DXO Mark person has not tested the One plus one.

  2. Getting it man , any tips ?

    1. yeah… by the time it goes on sale and you get it, it’ll be 6 months old… last years technology. Get a Nexus.

      1. I have a Nexus 5 and a OnePlus One. There’s no comparison- the OnePlus One blows it away. And the Nexus 6 is twice as expensive with a “too big” frame. If you want a massive phablet, then the Nexus 6 is the one to buy.

    2. Enjoy it. It’s a great device. I threw on an aluminum bumper and a tempered glass screen protector. I was planning on getting the bamboo back but it’s invite only.

      1. Lol! The accessories are invite only – what a blast. These guys know how to piss off their target market!

        1. It’s all that ‘high demand’.

          Seriously tho it’s not very user friendly to swap out the backs, as you can easily break em, so they stopped manufacturing and released the limited supply they had.

  3. You guys missed that there was an update this past weekend. Improves a few things, no new features I think.

  4. I have free invite for 64 gigs

    1. May I have it?

      1. Yep

        1. *delete

      2. Check email

        1. Thanks got it :)

          1. N-joy

          2. Wouldn’t you get a free one now? Can I have if so?

    2. May I have an invite for a 64 Gig please?

      1. Too late ! Gone

  5. if anyone still has an invite i would be interested and much appreciated.

    1. $15-$20 bucks on ebay

      1. i have seen those but i have been skeptical

  6. Isn’t this phone going on a year old? Sure, it has great specs, but you’d have to believe they’ll be putting out a sequel in 2015.

    1. The sequel to this phone might actually be received worse than the Star Wars prequels.

      1. That’s hard to fathom. Device released earlier this year and they are still in pre-order status and had a huge PR fail with poor quality control. I would be impressed if the sequel failed harder. For the few that got the phone and had no issues, I’m sure their happy though.

        1. Not sure if “poor quality control” is meant to reflect anything regarding the hardware itself, but as one of those happy owners I can affirm the device is on many fronts better than expected (I’m a cynic first). I for one will be very interested in their next big venture.

          To date I think their marketing dept has probably received a larger share of the blame than is due – the real mis-step was a severe underestimation of just how much demand this phone would garner upon release. Months before day 1 of sales, the writing was already on the wall, as their supply chain was producing hundreds, not thousands, of units. With that huge supply/demand problem on the table, which a larger more established company could have more easily foreseen, Oneplus had to figure out creative solutions to hold interest/buzz while resolving the supply chain issues on the backend. I was among the majority of potential buyers mostly annoyed with the raffles/tweets/tactics required to just get the chance at an invite, but in hindsight that marketing department deserves points for effort: they did maintain the buzz (even as the tone turned south with more and more people getting frustrated).

    2. Not even close. The phone was first sold in April of 2014.

  7. Why are they still doing invites? If they have a proper working pre-order system, there’s no reason for the stupid invites. If they insist on doing both, pre-order should ship *first*. Why should people who whored themselves enough to get an invite jump the line?

  8. I will wait for the next round…. I want lollipop now. And while I’m waiting, I guess I just wait on the 64 bit phones to be released in the first half of 2015.

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