Google formally introduces all new Gmail 5.0, rolling out now to Android 4.0+ devices [VIDEO]


All new Gmail tablet interface

After a test build leaked over the weekend, Google is now formally ready to introduce the all new Gmail 5.0 unto the world. In fact, starting today, you can find it rolling out in stages to everyone (Android 4.0+) on Google Play. Material redesign aside, the new Gmail’s claim to fame is its ability to add inboxes from Yahoo, Outlook, or any other email addresses that uses POP/IMAP.

Switching accounts is easy as pie too, with your separate inboxes appearing in the slide out navigation menu. Other than that, it’s the same Gmail you’ve been using these past few months, only with a shiny new coat of paint. To see it in action, check out Google’s new video below and for those that don’t want to wait, you can manually sideload (install) it here.

[via Gmail Blog]

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  1. Doesn’t work with ActiveSync accounts. :/

    1. You have to sideload the exchange apk that was posted on Android Central earlier today. It is working great for me although the first time through it wouldn’t authenticate. The second time through I installed exchange apk first and then the new gmail.

  2. One of the leaked version seemed to work fine with my work email (Active Sync Exchange.)
    I switched to nine only for the more advanced features (rich text editing, massive support for flagged emails including flagging and setting/receiving reminders on device.)
    I know that this article is about the new Gmail (which is pretty awesome! :) ), but anyone who finds that it doesn’t quite cut it for your exchange needs, seriously try nine!

  3. I like it.

  4. Great! Now I won’t have to use two email apps. :)

    1. Yea this is huge, seems like Gmail can just be the primary mail app now.

      1. Does anybody know how to remove an account from the stock Email app? The new Gmail app is now picking up my Comcast email, but the stock Email app still is too, and I see how to add accounts, but not how to remove them.

  5. No more option to hide the archive button? That stinks.

  6. Looks pretty slick I like it!

  7. Sent mail still shows “me” instead of the actual recipient. Idiots.

  8. Too much whitespace, font is much harder to read. Only 6 mails on screen at once. No conversation threading in IMAP accts. Definitely a step back.

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