Nov 4th, 2014


AT&T has introduced a new option for their Next program that allows folks to buy smartphones for $0 down on monthly payment plans. It’s AT&T Next 24, and as its name suggests it’ll give you the option to go the AT&T Next route to receive an upgrade every two years instead of after 12 or 18 months.

Next 24 actually spreads payments out over the course of 30 months which makes the monthly installments for expensive smartphones considerably more easy to swallow. You have the option of upgrading your device at the 24-month point as long as you trade your device in while in good condition.

And that’s pretty much the only difference compared to the other Next plans — you still get $15 (less than 10GB data plans) or $25 (10GB or more data plans) off of your monthly access charge, you still have $0 down, and you still have a brand new phone as often as you could ask for. The plan will be available beginning November 9th.

[via AT&T]

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