Oct 17th, 2014

gear s info (1)

Whether you’re surprised that the Samsung Gear S, a standalone smart watch, would require a separate line of service depends on what you thought Samsung was promising. Trusted sources close to the matter have revealed to Phandroid that the Samsung Gear S will have a special plan on Sprint, and likely any other carrier it heads to once it launches.

As such, you’ll need a plan to tie it to and you have one of two options for achieving that:

  • a special $10 per month “connected device” plan that gives you 1,000 minutes, 1,000 messages and 100MB of data
  • a $10 add-on to a Family Share Pack plan that shares data, minutes and messages with all other devices

The leaked document was also careful to note that the Gear S won’t pull from its own allotment of text, minutes and data while in Bluetooth mode and paired with a smartphone as everything would be going through the smartphone’s line at that point. Sounds par for the course for a standalone smart watch so all we need is an actual arrival date (something we hope to hear about very soon now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is out of the door).

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