Leaked Samsung Gear S details reveal it will have its own plan on Sprint


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Whether you’re surprised that the Samsung Gear S, a standalone smart watch, would require a separate line of service depends on what you thought Samsung was promising. Trusted sources close to the matter have revealed to Phandroid that the Samsung Gear S will have a special plan on Sprint, and likely any other carrier it heads to once it launches.

As such, you’ll need a plan to tie it to and you have one of two options for achieving that:

  • a special $10 per month “connected device” plan that gives you 1,000 minutes, 1,000 messages and 100MB of data
  • a $10 add-on to a Family Share Pack plan that shares data, minutes and messages with all other devices

The leaked document was also careful to note that the Gear S won’t pull from its own allotment of text, minutes and data while in Bluetooth mode and paired with a smartphone as everything would be going through the smartphone’s line at that point. Sounds par for the course for a standalone smart watch so all we need is an actual arrival date (something we hope to hear about very soon now that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is out of the door).

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  1. How bad is the day going to be when people’s tablets and phones and watches are all beeping all over the place. Phones can be bad enough, now watches. Ugh.

    1. Not to mention all of the IDs and bandwidth all of these devices will end up taking up.

      1. Wait I thought only iPhone users were blamed for that! (sarcasm) Now Android, oh crap we are in trouble, more Androids users now than ever.
        And now VZW which says “Unlimited Data” customers are the cause of their network troubles are adding XLTE and VoLTE, whoever is asking for all this STOP (VZW and others says we ask for these things)!

    2. Ahh…Another post from the local anti-technology society hating, social network fearing conspiracy theorist Fungus troll.

      I do believe my visit at Phandroid today is complete.

    3. That’s the beauty of wearables you can turn off the notifications on the phone and have them all go to one spot in my case the moto 360.

  2. Hey look! Overages are back!

  3. Aww Sprint, where exclusivities go to die

    1. I don’t think you get it bro

      1. Oh no bro, I totally get it bro. Exclusive plan bro.

  4. “What time is is?” — “I don’t know, I am in a dead zone right now!”

    1. “I don’t know, I forgot to pay my cell phone bill!”

      1. I have the “Sprint” plan. Where I get a subsidized device cheap and SPRINT

    2. OK that was good ‘ What time is is?” — “I don’t know, I am in a dead zone right now!” hahahahhaah no service no time. hahhahahahahah or is it no time for service? lol i dunno – ur comment is gold.

  5. Ugh really. I was hoping that this cuz already be added to my unlimited data and talk. Have to think this one over now

  6. i thought sprint had unlimited data LOL i seriously doubt this would harm their network…

  7. I think Sprint is settling customers up to a tired data future. Dan Hesse promised unlimited data. And when they finally end it (or throttle unlimited users so hard it will be useless / discouraged) they will say “that was a promise by our old CEO not the new one who replaced him”

  8. i stil get the nightmares from seeing will.i.ams standalone watch

    1. for real! – that thing looks like a broken high-tech hand cuff. ugh.

      not my post but saw this on gizmodo comments – lol

      “What you gon’ do with all that phone?

      That my invention will dethrone?

      On’a Carr, Carr, Carr, Carr, I’ve shown,

      Get you mind blown off my watch.

      My watch, my watch, my watch, my watch, my watch,

      My watch, my watch, my watch, my lovely little watches (Check it out)”

  9. I though AT&T also had a plan for smartwatches that was like $50 a year. $120 per year for a watch is ridiculous.

  10. There better be a microphone and speaker on the watch so I can Michael Knight it without a Bluetooth headset.

  11. Doesn’t it make more sense to get a data sim card for your watch? There’s plans for $5/mo for 512mb.

    1. Logic and sprint i do not believe go together… at least not when i had them.

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    1. Your uncle issac sounds like a real douche for not giving u that car, so u can drive it and not troll here with such a stupid post. If i could find a way to bake a cookie and pass it to u online i would.

  13. DOA! – MY OPINION of course – what do i know? lol – but yeah cant see this thing getting much traction.

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