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It’s all Nexus this week (and a little bit of Lollipop and Note 4) over at It’s no surprise these devices have everyone talking, and our new forums dedicated to the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Nexus Player are poised to become prime resources for future owners. Here is what’s on the minds of the masses.

Who pre-ordered the Nexus 9?


After it was finally unveiled officially on Wednesday, the Nexus 9 went up for pre-order today and we’re itching to find out who bit the bullet. The latest Google tablet will be built by HTC and is the first to run Android Lollipop. Are you an early adopter? Head on over to our new Nexus 9 forums to join the discussion, drop some knowledge, and chat with other soon-to-be owners.

Nexus 6 a little too rich for your blood?


Is the $649 price tag of the Nexus 6 more than you expected? Will you still be buying? What if it sells at carrier subsidy for as low as $49? The high cost of owning the Nexus 6 has been a point of complaint for many potential buyers following the handset’s official unveiling. Here’s what else everyone is talking about:

Find all that and more over at our Nexus 6 forums.

Android Lollipop on other devices

Nexus Family 6 9 Player

Maybe you count yourself among those perfectly happy with their current Android device and not at all interested in picking up the Nexus 6 or Nexus 9. This week’s announcements were still cause for excitement with the official unveiling of Android 5.0 Lollipop. But when will it come to your device? That’s what everyone from Moto X owners to Nexus 5 holdouts are wondering. What about Android 5.0 on the LG G2? Ranting about it on the forum won’t make it happen any faster, but, hey, at least it will pass some time.

Don’t forget: Galaxy Note 4 now available


Lost in all this Nexus madness is the fact that the Galaxy Note 4 has gone on sale today. Did you pick yours up? First you will want to read our list of things every new owner should do. Then be sure to stop by our Galaxy Note 4 forums for all the, news, tips and tricks, accessory info and more. If you remain undecided, check out our rather thorough review for the lowdown on Samsung’s latest.

And more…

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  1. It’s a 6″ super phone that’s still cheaper than the iPhone and Galaxy Note 4. If people are seriously complaining about the price then don’t get one. I love being a Nexus user, but one thing that annoys me about a lot of Nexus users is their sense of entitlement.

    1. Sense of entitlement? I just don’t want a tablet in my pocket or to spend more money than is feasible for my financial situation. The only thing I feel an entitled to is earning more money, haha.

      1. All I’ve been reading are people angry and calling Google “greedy” because they suddenly priced their new super phone at $650, which is still cheaper than a lot of its competitors.

        1. They aren’t greedy? Then how about that $130 folio with a non backlit keyboard on the Nexus 9? That is a worse deal than the Surface Keyboard!!! At least that one is backlit.

          1. Their accessories have always been overpriced. Look at their chi chargers and Nexus 5 cases for example. Just get a 3rd party keyboard for a fraction of that price.

          2. *Qi

          3. That is a little pricey. I already had another keyboard I was looking at. Think I’m going to get the Logitech k480. It’s only $50 and let’s you switch between 3 devices.

        2. I’m a little unhappy about the price…not because I think the new specs aren’t worth it, but because I was expecting something for about the $500-550 mark. They could’ve gotten away with cutting corners a touch on the specs to make it that way. It’s still a great phone and I’ll probably still buy it off-contract despite the price.

          I think Google could make everyone who’s unhappy to release a revamped Nexus 5 and up the specs a little with the new chipset and 3 gigs of RAM…make it 5 bills to compensate for a 32 or 64 gig. Maybe change the design a little, add a bit bigger battery. At least those concerned with the giant size of the Motorola could still grab a reasonable device upgrade to their current Nexus 5 or even the 4.

          …just a thought.

      2. I don’t think you get it.

        1. Does anyone really get it? That is the question.

    2. So they should not come here and complain about what bothers them, but you get to. Hmmm… sense of entitlement? Hypocrite much?

      $649 is expensive. I doubt many will disagree, but some have the money, some don’t care and will buy anyway, some – like me – will likely move on. Price, yeah, it matters.

      1. Every flagship phone has launched at 600 and above. Don’t see why it’s suddenly expensive just because Google does it. It definitely is expensive, I won’t be getting one as I don’t need it, but I didn’t see this kinda of complaints when Samsung, HTC, Sony, etc releases their devices at this price range.

      2. $649 for a flagship phone is not expensive. That can’t be argued. For people who are not able to afford it, they have plenty of mid range phones to choose from.

        1. 649 is expensive for a flagship phone, when it only costs 200 to produce.

    3. True, the Nexus 4 and 5 were cheaper than other phones with comparable specs. No one every said that was going to keep happening though. Plus I’ve had the Nexus 4 and 5, they had some trade offs like weak camera and battery life. Hopefully the Nexus 6 performance is on par with the premium phones.

  2. At $649 it is too expensive but probably just about bearable. Outside of the US though it is considerably more. In the UK we are likely to see a price of around £550 which is equivalent to $886! Factor in the Play Store’s expensive delivery costs and that’s likely about £570 which is $917!

    I’m a student so I don’t have the most money anyway but if I here one more rich American tell me to stop whining and “deal with it” or insinuate I am some kind of peasant because I am unhappy about the idea of paying more for the next Nexus phone than many people pay for their first car I am going to kill them.

    If you can afford it and are happy to pay that much then that’s great. But quit being so misunderstanding of those who think that the Nexus 6 costing the same as its to most recent predecessors combined is too much!

    People should stop making bullshit excuses for the price, if this were Apple or Samsung those same people would be saying how crazy the prices were! Also, even with their cheap prices the Nexus 4, 5, 7 & 10 WERE high-end devices regardless of what some people think. As were all the previous Nexus phones at the time of their release and even the Nexus One was not this expensive!

    1. I don’t think you get it

      1. I understand perfectly. The Nexus line has been high end but reasonably priced from the Nexus One to Galaxy Nexus. With the Nexus 4, 7 and 5 it was incredibly well priced. You were getting a top end device for hardly any money. It was fantastic.

        This time around they have 1. made a more expensive device thanks to the massive screen mostly and 2. stuck on much larger profit margins and become just the same as everyone else (if not quite to the same extent as the worst of them *cough* Apple *cough*.)

        I don’t think the Nexus 6 is a bad device, far from it – I think it probably the finest piece of mobile hardware you could buy, but I do think that 1. it should be cheaper for what it is and 2. I am personally not prepared to pay that much. I just really don’t get people who think that because they are happy paying the price for it that everyone else should be too.

        I am not having a go at people who are paying for it, if they have got the money that’s up to them and I can’t blame them because it’s a wonderful piece of technology. However people saying the price is justified based on the improvements to hardware are incorrect plain and simple. The increase in cost to build this over a Nexus 5 is nowhere near the difference in sale cost. This a strategic plan. They now want to stick a higher price tag on it and sell it through carriers in the US because most people buy that way there. And that’s great but it really screws us over in Europe and Asia and those in the US who liked the old sales model but especially us outside the the US as we pay more for phones in the first place.

        Sadly there is too much money to be made in the US carrier stores because people there somehow think that paying $1000 for a phone and mobile plan contract with zero down and the cost spread out is better than paying just $250 for a phone upfront and then paying a small amount monthly on a phone bill and paying less overall while maintaining freedom.

        It’s a shame as Google tried to change the sales model for phones to benefit the consumer twice (once with the Nexus One and once again with the recent cheap Nexus devices) but on the whole it just wasn’t popular enough and now they’ve given in and are doing just the same as everyone else. This is what upsets people, people who now feel they’ve lost the best option they had in the mobile space. So I say that actually it is you who doesn’t get it.

        All I can hope is that Google discounts the Nexus 5 a bit and next year they provide a updated Nexus 5 with a lower price (perhaps alongside a new Nexus 6).

        1. I was just joking… See, you didn’t get it.

        2. Agreed. Additionally i don’t even see it as a flagship phone. Just because it has a larger screen and higher res. With L release coming out and the limitless resources at googles disposal this device should have been 64bit. The 805 is at best an incremental step up in proc to handle the res burden. It seems Google has stepped away from the dev community and moved to main stream. I think the price point would have been more reasonable for a future proofed phone with 64bit proc

  3. This phone isn’t expensive. What is there to complain about? Just because it is a nexus doesn’t mean it has to be cheap. If a cheaper second phone was what people wanted then that makes sense, but this phones specs are top of the line. Compared to the Note 4 and the iPhone 6+ this phone is dirt cheap.

    1. Not expensive compared to what? an overpriced iPhone 6+? Note 4 has an Amoled screen at near 6inches it makes sense for them to charge $700 what is so special about the Nexus6?

      1. Uhhh the Note 4 is a 5.7″ SAMOLED while the Nexus 6 is a 6″ SAMOLED.

  4. I could care less about the price. Put it at $400 or even $1000. I mean yes it does matter to some extent, but if price is an issue just break down and get it from a carrier. My issue is with the unusable, unweldly size. I have owned every nexus since the one, but I will not buy this ridiculous monster. You might as well put radios in a nexus 7 and use that. I wait every year for nexus month with great excitement, this year was heart breaking and a complete let down. Again, it’s not the cost it’s just too fn big! Not everyone wants to hold a DVD case to the side of their head or try to shove a bottle of mouth wash in their pockets

    1. It’s close to the same size as the iPhone 6 Plus. I know that’s too big for a lot of people, but that’s where things are trending. 1 device because who wants to carry a tablet and a phone. Not very many people. And they use their phone a lot. I can do everything with my phone because it has a data connection. Just makes sense. IMO Chromebook + Phablet FTW. I have a OnePlus One, laptop and a chromebook and that’s all I need. Actually, I have tablet and an ipad but I don’t ever pick them up except for testing. Which would you choose a $249 chromebook or a $500 tablet? Chromebook for email, movies, web surfing, google drive is far better than a tablet. Add a decent cloud version of development tools and adobe creative suite and I can get by with Chromebook and my OPO.

  5. $499 would have been more welcomed than the current price. On par with other flagship but Nexus is not out there to compete with the flagships.

    1. Who said?

      1. Thought I just did.

    2. They weren’t out there to compete, but clearly they are now. They are in bed with all the carriers to pull this off and will likely sell this through the carriers thus encouraging subsidy purchased phones. I hate it and wish they were $100 bucks cheaper but to be the same as all the other flagships goes to say they want some cash for all the cost that Android costs them. I’d watch out if I were Sammy.

  6. For those of us who choose not to use a major carrier this stings.

    1. Yup.

  7. Let me sum up the price debate:

    Google: We’re changing the Nexus into a premium brand with top flight specs and pricing it accordingly

    Nexus fanbois: Well we’re a bunch of cheap asses and you suck for charging us the market value for something with the capabilities of this phone. Just because you own the Nexus line doesn’t mean you can decide what a Nexus should be. You need to give us everything we want and barely charge us for it because we’ve decided that’s what the Nexus is supposed to be about and we’re entitled to whatever we want

    1. Perfect.

    2. Hey, you may be right but me not buying the phone (and hopefully others not buying it) shows them that was the wrong decision.

      1. I’ve seen that argument quite a bit on these forums. What people on here don’t seem to understand is that by putting these on the carrier’s shelves and starting to advertise them Google has just increased their potential customer base by more than 100 times. I’m sure they’re counting on losing some forum customers but gaining many many times more regular customers.

        1. The thing is, there’s no room on carrier shelves for Moto already. If you visit any of your local carrier you’ll notice the severe lack of Moto handsets prominently displayed. The reason for this is because Moto is and always has been a tough sell. From the consumer all the way down to the carrier representatives. Moto has never invested enough in or IMO developed a proper infrastructure for their devices to be successful. Wtih LG making up such ground, there just isn’t any room for Moto after the big two (Apple and Samsung).

          Ask any of your carrier reps about Moto devices. Even when Moto has a winner, they can’t move them. While I’m sure Google isn’t worried about the usual Nexus owner (tech enthusiast/early adopter), maybe they should have. This device simply isn’t going to sell at this price point running against a Samsung Note 4 or an Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

          1. Really? So those giant Droid displays and all those Droid signs at every Verizon store near me are all figments of my imagination? Or did Moto stop making the Droids and forgot to tell everyone, and forgot to take their logo off of them?

          2. Considering Verizon thought it important to lock down the exclusive on the Droid line.. I think it’d be foolish to do anything else? That being said, a Nexus still doesn’t get on the wall in those stores.

            Moto does not have the infrastructure nor the incentive to move this device on any carrier.

          3. Verizon is the one paying the license fee for the Droid name, so of course they will lock down the use of the name.
            And it won’t be up to Moto to get carriers to move this. This is Google’s phone and they will be the muscle to get carriers to move it.

          4. You are delusional. Google can’t successfully market a phone.

          5. Which phone did Google fail at marketing? I mean given the fact that they’ve never really marketed a phone I’d really like to hear your answer.

          6. I didn’t say they failed. Reading comprehension is key.

          7. Oh, so you’re just talking out of your ass by saying they can’t do something when you haven’t the slightest clue whether they can or not.

          8. A lot like you bitching about people bitching. Google screwed up this Nexus with price, and size. This will be the worst selling Nexus ever.

          9. Yep, I’m bitching about all the bitches who are bitching because its ridiculous. Difference is I’m actually talking about something that I see and know about, while you’re just talking out of your ass about something that you have no clue about. Just like your prediction that is based on…apparently the fact that you know very little about the smartphone business.

          10. They had the Galaxy Nexus in Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile stores. They did not market the phone at all. Verizon briefly marketed it, and still it didn’t sell well. I worked in a carrier store, and people wouldn’t buy it, regardless how low the subsidized price dropped. Google has never marketed Nexus, and they aren’t going to start now. Even if they were to, it will be unsuccessful. I have the past on my side. You are just bitching for the sake of bitching. Google screwed up this Nexus in price, and size. They deserve to be called out for it by their loyal fanbase. I don’t have a dog in the fight, as I buy 700 dollar phoned every year, to keep unlimited. But, I definitely understand why Nexus users are upset.

          11. Google didn’t market the Galaxy Nexus at all? Really?

            3 seconds on Google search, buddy.


            Its ok to admit you’re wrong, but I don’t expect you to.

          12. They showed that for all of a week, and nothing else. No marketing.

          13. like I said, its ok to admit you’re wrong, but I don’t expect you to.

            You know there’s no way i can show how long that ran. But since you have said twice that there’s no marketing, and I’ve only showed one commercial, here ya go.


            Really, you should stop while you’re behind. You’re just wrong. You don’t have to admit it, but you should really stop now.

          14. That one never airer on TV. Try again. You talk all big and bad about somebody admitting being wrong…come back when you can admit Google f’d up this Nexus.

          15. Actually it did air on TV. That was Google’s official Galaxy Nexus commercial. It was the first one that they aired on TV. So you’re wrong, again. But I still don’t expect you to admit it.
            And no, I can’t admit Google f’d up this Nexus. Neither can you. You know why? It’s not for sale yet. If it bombs I’ll be more than happy to say I’m wrong. The thing is, if its a huge success and they sell millions of them, you’ll come back with “but their loyal customers didn’t buy one so its f’d up” because for some ridiculous reason, you refuse to admit you’re wrong.
            I don’t need to be right about everything, I don’t really care. But since you seem to need to be right, then you can go ahead and be right. There. Happy? Every statement that you said that was in complete contradiction to actual facts was right.

          16. Blah blah blah is all I could muster from that novel. It will bomb. It’s too big, it’s too expensive. Period.

          17. I know, you clearly have trouble with understanding, well, anything. But its cool You live in your own little universe and if that makes you happy then be happy.

          18. Your opinion is different than all others on the subject. So apparently, it is you that is living in your own little universe

          19. Except I’m going with mostly facts, not opinion. But that’s cool too. You keep saying things that are wrong but you keep talking. That’s kinda impressive.
            And there are some people agreeing with me, so its not different than “all others.”
            You have an amazing gift for being wrong.

          20. What’s so factual about your claims? You are just trying to pass your opinions off as facts. Your opinions are nothing but opinions, ones not shared by 99% of other opinions on the matter.

          21. I claimed that Nexus fanbois are whining
            I claimed that Google has priced the Nexus phones this high before
            I claimed that its Google’s phone
            I claimed Google made the OS
            I claimed that Google has marketed the Nexus devices(remember, I just showed you those videos and you still refused to admit being wrong about them?)
            I claimed that this is the first Nexus to be available on all 4 major carriers
            I claimed that Verizon paid the licensing fees for the Droid line

            Do I really need to keep going? Or will you FINALLY admit to being wrong?

            And there are 101 comments currently on this thread. Several are made by you and me, so there is substantially less than 100 people commenting. The comment that is currently right below this one agrees with me, so my opinion(based on facts) is shared by more than 1% of commenters here. So you’re wrong yet again. You are good at that, you should start your own being wrong business.

          22. Your claims are based on your opinions. Saying that they have priced it this high before is twisting it. 5 months out of 5 years at this price is far from precedent. You are whining about other people whining, how productive and hypocritic of you. Pointing out the few comments on this thread is another twist. Go visit some real Android sites with thousands of comments on the subject.

          23. Which one of my claims isn’t a fact?
            Saying that they’ve priced priced it this high isn’t twisting anything, its reporting facts. They did. Period. I didn’t make them do it. They didn’t do it with an asterisk. It happened. You’re making a desperate attempt to not be wrong. But you’re wrong.
            I already admitted to bitching about the bitches who are bitches(I guess that counts as another claim which is a fact) so you bringing that up doesn’t distract from you being wrong.
            Pointing out comments on here isn’t twisting anything. Its using basic math to show that(once again) you’re wrong(this is becoming a very sad theme).
            And no. I’m not gonna go read a bunch of Android sites just to keep showing how you are wrong so you can keep trying to show that you’re not. That may be your most moronic suggestion yet.

            So seriously, every time you post a comment, I show that you’re wrong. Why do you keep going instead of just admitting you’re wrong? I don’t get it. What do you win by not admitting to being wrong(over and over and over and over and over)?

          24. You must have no life. You type these novels, just to spew more nonsense. You should ask yourself why you care so much about what people think about the price…people have the right to express distaste without you attacking them. Get a life.

          25. I didn’t attack anyone(there you go being wrong again…doesn’t it hurt to be wrong this much?) and I have a right to express disgust with people whining about something that I don’t think they should be whining about.
            What about my novel was nonsense? Or is it that you’ve run out of arguments because you know that you’re completely wrong?
            But good job changing the subject. That’s a good tactic when you know you’re wrong but don’t want to admit it.
            And I’m laid up after surgery so right now I don’t have a life. I appreciate your concern though.

          26. I’m not wrong about anything I’ve said. Google did not market the Galaxy Nexus, 1 commercial doesn’t count. You are in fact attacking people, by calling them whiners. The Nexus 6 will in fact fail. It is far too big for general consumers, and Nexus enthusiasts alike. It costs too much. They set precedent with the last 3 models being 300-400 dollars. If Samsung raised the price of the Note series by 300 bucks, I’d be pissed too. You think you are so big and bad. You are nothing more than a fatass with no life.

          27. You say you’re not wrong because 1 commercial doesn’t count. I’ve shown you 2 commercials, so you’re wrong and you can’t count.
            You have no clue if the Nexus 6 will fail, but you might end up being right. But since you say its a fact when its not, you’re wrong again.
            When people are whining and I call them whiners, that’s pointing out a fact, not attacking them, so you’re wrong again.
            The last 3 models were not 300-400. The Galaxy Nexus was 3 models ago and was $650, so you’re wrong again.
            I’m actually underweight by about 15 pounds, so you’re wrong again.

            Now I am going to attack someone. You’re an idiot. You’re stupid and you’re too stupid to realize you’re stupid. You have no concepts of basic english and use words when you clearly don’t know what they mean. You’re an idiot who is wrong about absolutely everything and is too much of an idiot to admit it. You haven’t said anything correct but keep talking like some dumb ass idiotic fool.
            I’m not big or bad, I’m just not an idiot like you are. I take that back. You’re not an idiot. You would have to increase your IQ by about 50 points in order to be an idiot.
            I have no life because I recently had surgery and am laid up. But you’re right here with me so you have no life either. What’s your excuse? Oh, I know people don’t want to be around someone as stupid as you.
            Go to bed now before your mommy grounds you.

          28. Look, another novel full of bullshit. That 2nd commercial did not air on TV. The Gnex was only 650 on Verizon, and for only 5 months out of the two years it was for sale. Yes, calling people whiners is attacking them. Expressing distaste over an oversized, over-priced device does not equal whining. There you go again trying to pass your opinion off as fact. Next.

          29. You’re an idiot. Go away. You have no clue about anything. My socks know more than you. Everything you say just proves how right I am about you being stupid.

          30. Haha @ that dumbass deflection.

          31. Can’t and won’t are different things, they won’t market the device. Take the launch for example, nothing more understated then a good’ol Nexus launch.

          32. Couldn’t be more wrong, these devices are a partnership, and Moto is the manufacturer. Google will not be sending reps out to train and inform the carrier reps on these devices, Moto will. The closest you get to direct Google representation are the unmanned Google Showcases in BB.

          33. Really? There hasn’t been much advertisement for any Nexus products, but who did the advertising that we did see? Oh yeah, it was Google. And you think Google makes the OS and then expects Moto to be the one to train people on it? That may be the silliest thing I’ve heard in a while. Its not like there are Moto features that Moto needs to train people on. Like I said, this is Google’s phone, and if anyone sends someone to train(which may or may not happen) it will be Google, but regardless, it will be Google that gets the carriers to move it. Looks like you’re the one who couldn’t be more wrong.

          34. Oh I must have missed all the Nexus launch parties.. Oh, wait.. that’s right.

            tdizz, you clearly don’t know how this all works. Go to any carrier and educate yourself before you continue attempting to drop knowledge about things you clearly know nothing about.

          35. Why don’t you educate me since you know everything.
            Or are you like pretty much everyone else on here. You make statements and when its pointed out that they’re ridiculous you just say “well you don’t know” or “you’re a troll”

            And what does the lack of a launch party have to do with who is going to train carriers? Its not like Moto had a launch party and Google didn’t

          36. I gave you the talk already, try and listen. I told you how to educate yourself on the matter, if you stopped spewing misinformation for a moment.. maybe then you’d be able to productively engage in this conversation.

            You’re clearly getting turned around now, take some time to look over the posts, and I’m sure you’ll find your way though. Also, it can’t be you, and it must be “everyone else on here”.

          37. You said to go to a carrier and educate myself. Why would I do that when you can educate me since you know so much. Or do you actually know nothing(that’s my guess) and are trying (and failing) to seem like you know anything. You’re the guru, so go ahead, give me your credentials and then educate me.
            I’m not turned around at all. I’m just waiting for you, since you are obviously the carrier guru, to enlighten me. So go ahead. Not with your opinion, but with the facts that you are privy to.
            And what misinformation did I give? That its Google’s phone? That Google has always done the marketing for the Nexus? That Google made the OS? That the Nexus doesn’t have Moto features? What did I say that wasn’t correct?
            Go ahead, do a Google search and try to find answers. I’ll wait.

          38. lol

          39. Of course that’s your response. I’ve already ruined the typical response you would have given of “you don’t know” or “you’re a troll” so you’re out of responses now that i’ve shown holly silly your statements are.

            Its cool, it was a fun conversation.

          40. Droids haven’t sold well in 4 years

          41. Really? What are the sales figures for the Droid line? And why does Verizon keep featuring them prominently behind only the iPhone and Galaxy phones?

        2. General consumers don’t buy Nexus in carrier stores.

          1. When was the last Nexus that was available in every carrier store? You know what else they don’t buy in carrier stores? Helmet phones with 20 inch screens. People don’t buy things that don’t exist, so you really have no argument here.

          2. The Galaxy Nexus was sold in three of the 4 major carrier stores, along with some regionals.

          3. 3 of 4 isn’t every carrier store. Reading comprehension is key.

    3. They set the expectations for the last 4 years on this. Now they change and piss off their customer base. No one should be surprised. We all know the profit margins on a phone. We can be pissed all day long and it’s our right as the customer to not buy. They will have to create a new customer base that isn’t a bunch of cheapos.

      1. They set the expectations for the last 4 years? Really? So 3 years ago(which is within that 4 years that you spoke of) when they introduced the Galaxy Nexus for $650 that was setting the expectation that the Nexus line would be cheaper than other phones? Ummm…what?

        1. It was 650 for a short time. It was dropped to 400 through the Play Store.

          1. The price dropped to $400 5 months after release. I’m not sure that qualifies as a short time.

          2. Yes, that qualifies. That is less than halfway through its cycle.

          3. Then everyone who’s whining needs to shut up. Wait a “short time” and maybe the price will drop.

    4. Nexus isn’t meant to be a premium brand, though and the expectations that google put in front of us was a affordable device with specs comparable to other high end devices this wouldn’t be too bad of a situation if the price wasn’t $650 rather maybe $500 or $550 would be reasonable.

      1. So what you’re saying is that when Google introduced the Nexus line and said it was meant to be a reference device for developers, somehow people decided that it should be affordable, and even though less than half of the Nexus models have been sold at a discounted price, somehow people became entitled, I mean somehow the expectation was that they would always be “affordable.” How exactly does that work?

        Edit: And Google owns the Nexus line. If they make a premium Nexus, then its meant to be a premium brand. You don’t get to make that decision.

  8. Ok, the prices are good because “It is” a big ass phone you’re getting. As for me, I’ll wait for the reviews (and complaints) before jumping on either.

  9. Premium price, ok, I get it,
    Non removable battery (the duration of your phone = the battery on it)
    non expandable memory
    among others
    If they want to charge premium, they have to deliver premium

    1. iPhone 6+
      Non removable battery(the duration of your phone = the battery on it)
      non expandable memory
      among others
      $200 more than the Nexus 6
      Maybe they should raise their price since their phone IS premium.

      1. apple doesn’t make premium phones…the 6+ cost about $220 to make…

        it I have to bite the carrier bullet i’m going with a note 4 – THAT’S premium

        1. The Note 4 hasn’t been torn down yet, but the Note 3 cost about $240. So based on your own argument the Note isn’t premium either.

      2. iPhones are always over priced by at least $250

        1. All phones are overpriced. It costs 200 bucks to build a high-end phone. There is no ecuse for them to charge 600-900 for them.

  10. Well, the LG G3 is a much nicer phone. And I can get it unlocked on Amazon for under $600. So, why would I want the Nexus 6?

    1. 6in screen is all that this has over G3

  11. A vanilla android phone for $600+? No thanks. The only reason this is happening is to appease big red and att.

    1. No longer are they my uncarrier t-mobile go to phone. It’s OnePlus One or maybe Motorola will become that.

      1. yep,

        all these flagship phones are more or less the same save some bells and whistles that will be useful or useless depending on who you ask. if a company wants to give you the same for half price that’s gotta be the best deal in town.

  12. it’s massively overpriced. the ONE has practically the same specs for half price(comparing 64GB to 64GB). that extra $350 is going to shareholders, TV ads, and carrier distribution.

    BTW, no SDcard slot or removable battery, all for $700(64GB)…ouch!

  13. A low cost phone unlocked supports the uncarrier business model of T-Mobile. I can have the carriers subsidize my phone and I pay more than 649-700. Nothing is free. At $350 I felt like Google was an industry disruptor along with t-mobile. Now it seems Google is the deep in bed with the industry. Foolish to not think they weren’t before.

  14. thats a lil bit too big for me and im using a note 3!Lol..but the price would be cool if it had sd and removeable battery or one of the two! & i dont care that the iphone 6+ doesn’t either!! i’ve never owned a crapple product!! we’re talking about android where most phones come with one or the other or both!! thats why i only use samsung galaxy phones!! #note3 #note4nxt

  15. The Issue with the N6 is not its price.
    It’s that everyone expected it to be the replacement for the N5 when it’s not.
    It’s clear on the Google Nexus page: :

    The current Nexus phone is still the N5 (followed the N4, and before that the Galaxy Nexus, …) – $350
    The current Nexus phablet is the N6 – $650
    The current “small” Nexus tablet is the N7 (2013) (followed the N7 2012) – $200
    The current “big” Nexus tablet is the N9 (followed the N10) – $400

    The phablet segment was ‘opened’ by the Samsung Note and is about expensive but powerful devices mainly for a professional usage, where such price isn’t an issue.
    The competition for the N6 is the Note 4 and IPhone 6+.

    I see no problem with the N6 price. It’s just that most medias don’t explain correctly what it is and that it’s the not the ‘new N5’.

    I’m more worried that the N7 isn’t in the new Google Nexus page.

    1. Agreed.
      The Nexus 5 is still a very powerfull device. The only thing i want google to do is make a 64GB version of it.

    2. Another thing that everyone who is complaining doesn’t understand, is that this is manufactured by Motorola. What did Motorola just release? The new Moto X! So I ask these people:

      A. Why would you think that Motorola is going to price this phone at or below the Moto X price and shoot themselves in the foot? Especially with all specs equal to or greater than the new X, that would be horrible business decisions.

      B. Those complaining about size are mostly complaining about price too, and vice versa. So I ask, why don’t you just buy the new X? It, in just about every respect, is the smaller version of this new Nexus 6.

      I am unsure where this notion came from that just because it is a Nexus, it has to be bottom or the barrel prices. Just because every other nexus phone was only a couple hundred dollars, doesn’t mean that was going to last forever. The selling point for nexus was a vanilla experience for those who wanted no frills, and developers who wanted an open platform. It was not for those who wanted flip-phone prices.

      Also, for those who want an affordable but excellent phone, there is the One+ One. There are multiple opportunities to get the phone direct from them now or from sites from other people selling phones (ebay, Swappa, etc.) I just bought mine and it is a phenomenal device. I am gradually switching from my Note3 to that device. That said, I may very well be picking up the new N6 when it releases.

      1. I think a lot of the discussion about price should be read through the lens of “perceived value.” The N4 and N5 offered very good value for the price. We all got used to that great value and now, while the N6 will undoubtably still be a good value, the price to spec ratio has evened out a bit. Still a good value, but maybe not as great a deal as before.

        Also, “the new moto x is a smaller nexus 6m” thing isn’t quite true.
        Screen resolution, ram, chipset, cpu, gpu, camera, battery, software, etc are all different. Hardly analogous devices imo.

        1. As far as I see it, the n4 and n5 were both priced at what they were worth. I never had the n4, I had the n5 for a day or two and that thing was A+ quality for what it was. That said, there is no way they could have considered charging even $499 for the thing. The specs just would not have fairly commanded that premium. I guess that’s where a lot of people are hung up is because this phone is going to be a top-tier device, never before seen in a phone.

          As for the Moto X not being the direct comparison as a smaller n6, of course it isn’t the same specs. That comes with the territory of being a smaller device really. The Moto X also is the direct answer to why the n6 is so much more than the rest of the Nexii. If Moto didn’t have the Moto X series, I am almost certain that this phone would be in the $$ slot that the current Moto X is in. As it stands, there is no way that they would undercut Motorola X sales, especially when this nexus is built by Motorola.

  16. The G2? What about the G3…?

  17. I am completely satisfied with my Nexus 5 16gb. I dont take many pictures and im on unlimited 4g lte with great coverage so i stream everything I even turn the wifi off because its slower. I just want them to keep the good software coming I get bearable battery life and the UI is smooth as butter. If Lollipop improves on those I dont think i could ask for more.

  18. Oppo One Plus One! Enough said. Bye bye Nexus program. (Owned Nexus 4 and Nexus 5)

  19. my guess is google priced it so high was to keep Samsung and lg in the fold

    Samsung is trying to bring out new os,what did the nexus 6 cost to build,i read the iphone 6 cost $260,so nexus 6 should cost less to build,i wonder how it will compare with
    Motorola’s Droid Turbo

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