Samsung Galaxy Note 4 available in the UK and all major US carriers today; are you buying? [POLL]



It’s Friday, and there are three very good reasons to be excited. First, because — well — it’s Friday. Secondly, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player pre-sales begin. Third? The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now available on all major US carriers and throughout the United Kingdom. Folks in the US have the following carriers to choose from:

Click those links to be taken to their respective order pages and see about dropping several hundred bucks on one of the year’s biggest smartphones. Most contract prices will sit around $300 to start, though you obviously have the option of going off-contract or through one of the many installment-based payment plans these carriers offer.

The Note 4 was received favorably by Rob Jackson who gave it a stellar review here on Phandroid. Be sure to check that out if you require a bit of convincing to jump onto the bandwagon. Highlights of the device include its 5.7-inch 2560 x 1440 display, a Snapdragon 805 or Exynos 5433 chipset, 3GB of RAM, Samsung S-Pen and more.

Once you’ve made your mind up, let us know! There’s a poll below where you can tell us whether or not you’re planning to buy one, as well as a handy comments section to elaborate on your decision if you feel so inclined. Don’t forget that there’s tons of discussion fun to be had over at AndroidForums.com’s Note 4 section, so get over there and make an account to participate!

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. where’s the option for “god damnit, i have verizon and they’re always late!”

    1. you gotta admit Verizon maybe late but of all the samsung devices i had. Nvr had any glitches lol. I will wait for a few mons till all the glitches and stuff are worked out

      1. its not easy putting all Verizon bloats, it take moths to accomplish that!

        1. And since this thing is USB 2.0, it’s going to take even longer to transfer all of that data.

    2. There are many people now buying this but they were complaining about the nexus 6 which I think is better.

  2. Picked one up for the wife.

  3. Should be an option named: I have an M8, everything else is futile

    1. Especially with that leading world class 4 ultrapixel…

      1. Hahaha. Exactly.

      2. LOL! I have the M8 which is getting swapped out today. The camera was horrendous.

        1. Wow, an honest M8 user. That’s rare.

          1. Former M8 now. I am currently enjoying the Note 4 :)

    2. I have a G3, my screen is already plenty big.

  4. Had mine shipped to me on Monday. Best part is that Google wallet tap to pay actual works and I’m coming from the note 3 which it didn’t.

  5. I went to buy one in store today at VZW and was told they wouldn’t be available until next week.

    That’s pretty weak game, VZW!

  6. Yep, Verizon “ships by the 23rd” for all of us who pre-ordered on line. So the “all US carriers today” doesn’t apply here.

    1. Yeah, it still says pre-order on VZW’s website

  7. Rob Jackson actually wrote “The Note 4 sucks.”
    before changing the article.

    1. I think most sites/people would delete this coment because it’s purposefully misleading. That being said, it is technically true. I wrote a lot of random filler in a half-finished draft that was accidentally published via technical glitch. The bottom of the article said “The Note 4 is awesome. The Note 4 sucks. The Note 4 is the Note 4.” It was my down and dirty placeholder to make sure I discuss the good and the bad of the device before sharing a conclusion.

      Clearly, based on what replaced my own version of ipsum lorem, I don’t think the Note 4 sucks. Quite the contrary.

      Now… on with the show!

      1. You don’t even have to respond to things like that. That was one of the best articles I’ve seen on Phandroid in awhile.

      2. Apology accepted.

      3. If someone was interested in an international version, which company would you recommend for the cdma version?

  8. I could have gotten mine on T-Mo 5 days ago but I’m going to wait a couple of weeks in case any big issues come up, like Bendgate. Hopefully it goes swimmingly, but I don’t want to be stuck with something with some major malfunction.

    1. No need to wait. If you raise HELL enough like I do when I am unsatisfied, Tmobile will replace the device or allow you to make another selection of similar value.

      1. Or, I can just wait.

        1. LOL! Not trying to be dogmatic. Just making conversation like everyone else on here. You can wait until the Note 10 for all I care.

  9. Got it early from Tmobile. Liked it alot, but not enough to replace my G3 and iPhone 6 Plus, so I sent it back.

    1. Great story! Tell another one! (popping popcorn)

      1. LOL! (Standing Ovation) The thumbs up must have been from Siskel and Ebert;)

      2. probably popping popcorn waiting for the next 299.00 4″ nexus to be released. Sorry, not everyone is a cheap a.. fanboy. Some of us a can think for ourselves afford what we want.

        1. (Throws popcorn @ screen) BOOOOO! The sequal sucks! I like the original story better ;(

        2. Maaaaaan! You made me take a lunch break…..

  10. This phone is amazing!!

  11. Played with it at Best Buy. It is beautiful and sturdy. Picking mine up today after work.

  12. Maybe if it wasn’t slow as hell with a screen resolution outstripping the capabilities of its silicon. Better luck next time.

  13. I’ve had mine for a week. Bought the international version to avoid carrier nonsense. I do have to sacrifice LTE at the same time, but I really don’t even notice.

    1. Who did you buy it from, thinking about buying an international version that would be compatible on verizon?

  14. I would, but I love my Note 3 and see no reason to upgrade. If these new charging technologies come farther along I will. Would be epic to install a wireless charging pad inside my car to se it on somehow while I stream BT Audio. I only have one complaint about my Note 3.

    The battery seems a bit weak now. I can get 6-8 hours of heavy usage of BT Streaming Audio, FB and Web browsing. No games.

    The wireless charging feature requires a different back plate from Samsung. Thats some BS. Just have it built in! And why is a wireless charging option no find many aftermarket ones appear to be great, but have a large degree of varying reviews.


    1. In a fight between blazing fast charging with Quick Charge (0 to 50% in a half hour), versus the luxury of not having to push a plug in a hole, I’ll take the fast charging.

      I know: it’s a grueling, arduous, Herculean struggle to plug the charger in once a day, but somehow, some way, I will survive.

  15. Nope, price is too high and touchwiz looks awful

  16. Got mine. Love it. Best phone I’ve ever owned

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