GamePad for Nexus Player on Play Store for $39.99


We feel your pain: the Nexus Player finally hits the Google Play Store, you dash to your browser to pop it in your cart and purchase, but you’re met with the dreaded “We are out of inventory. Please check back soon.” Or, if you’re from across the pond, you might be told your geographical area isn’t becoming of a Nexus Player user.

But then up popped a Nexus Player accessory – the GamePad for Nexus Player – on the Play Store for only $39.99!

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 2.00.36 PM

Shucks! Also out of inventory! But wait… WE’RE IN!!!! Bought our limit of two, got our purchase confirmation, and unfortunately cannot order any more.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 2.03.56 PM

Were you able to buy a Nexus Player? How about a Gamepad for Nexus Player? Head on over to the Nexus Player Forums and see who else was able to get in on the action!


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  1. It’s a har dchoice between this and a Shield Controller. Might go Shield, since it’ll work over USB with my desktop.

  2. Nah, I bought my Fire TV 2 days ago and rooted, OTA Blocked and XBMC’d it. I really don’t see a need for this personally. Love my guilt filled 3rd party XBMC addons.

    For anyone waiting to get a Fire TV though to play non-amazon related pirated crap, this would be good for them.

    and uh…if you wanted to use it for OTHER purposes that’s fine too.

    1. Really! Does the voice search work on the remote? Are there like special “ROMs” or versions of xbmc tailored to Fire TV? this sounds interesting.

      1. Actually yes there are. Look it up on XDA.

        1. Pretty cool, thanks.

  3. I want to want this, but I’m just not sure what I’ll use it for.

  4. I just bought the one.

    I hope there’s good clones of DIG DUG, GALAGA and other Classics.. actually, is there Mame for Android? (Goes off to look..)

    1. I only got one game controller also. I contemplated getting two but then I thought for what? What Android games are there that are multi-player? I’m not saying there aren’t any …I’m just saying that on my phone an tablet everything seems to be single player (per device). Sure I can do multi-player on Android but that is device to device. At least for the games that I play. Anyone have any examples of multi-player at the same time requiring two controller on Android?

      Interestingly it says that you can connect up to 4 game controllers! I’m having a hard time coming up with 2 controller game examples….but 4 controllers??? why?

      I guess I’m not really a gamer. I just play the silly popular 1 player games. Angry Birds….etc.

      1. uno or spades prolly has up to 4 player modes. also heard google was adding a near by multi player option for developers.

      2. There are a few really fun OUYA games with multiplayer. I’m guessing these games will soon be compatible with Nexus Player. And more to come.

      3. “Guantlet” perhaps? That was a great 4 player game.. in 1985 :)

  5. Ugh. They shouldn’t have made it like a PlayStation controller with the analog sticks side by side. Terrible decision.

    1. Excellent decision in my opinion. I hate offset analogs

  6. Anyone know if this is just a standard bluetooth controller that’s work with any device? I’d like to buy one if it’ll also work with my phone, laptop, etc.

    1. Yes. Pairs just like a Bluetooth keyboard.

  7. I don’t have any android gaming devices… I’m a casual game and would love to play my collection on a big screen… So this is ideal for me…. Will purchase on the 1st.

  8. Is it bluetooth or WIFI connection?

    1. Most likely wifi

      1. It says Bluetooth right on the Google product page.


        “Say goodbye to wires
        Enjoy Bluetooth control with a range of up to 30 feet.”

        1. i hope the remote is BT as well.. I can hide the player behind my TV then. No line of sight needed like Apple TV

  9. This controller along with my nexus 9 will do wonders…how to display the game on the screen…don’t think Chromecast works..

    1. It’ll work just fine since the Chromecast now has a mirror function. Tried this the second I got a Chromecast and it works really well.

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