AT&T confirms they’ll exclusively offer the HTC Desire EYE by holiday season, plans to carry RE camera



AT&T seems to be the one carrier who won’t hesitate to try something new. The company has confirmed they’ll be exclusively offering HTC’s latest phone announced just yesterday — the HTC Desire EYE — as well as the RE camera. The former is expected to be on store shelves by holiday season which is rather quick turnaround. Unfortunately HTC didn’t sound as sure about the RE camera as they only designated its launch window as “later this year.”

It’s too early for pricing and availability information for the Desire EYE, though we already know that the RE camera is coming in at a starting price of about $200. The former is a smartphone that places a ton of emphasis on the front-facing camera.

Whereas most phones are fine enough with 2-5 megapixels, the HTC Desire EYE slaps a 13 megapixel beast on the front. That sensor is accompanied by dual-LED flash to make sure lowlight situations aren’t as big of an issue as they typically are with front-facing sensors. Who’d ever thought selfies would get so serious?

The RE camera is a new product category for HTC — an activity camera that you can take on hiking trips, underwater snorkeling shenanigans and more. It’s set to rival something like the GoPro line, with much of its uniqueness coming with the ability to automatically sync photos and video with an Android or iOS device and edit all your memories with HTC Zoe (which is now available on all Android devices).

More information regarding the launch of these two devices ought not be far out so we’ll be keeping a close eye on the newswire and rumor mill for more details. Will you be picking either of these up once they’re available later this year?

[via AT&T]

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  1. Exclusive to AT&T that’s BS I was looking forward to this as my new phone what gives will others eventuality carry it

    1. Same here. All the HTC phones I’ve been wanting have gone to competitors. Last year it was the HTC One Max going to Sprint and Verizon. This year it’s the HTC Desire Eye going to AT&T. Bring the phones to all 4 carriers, and then maybe you wouldn’t be teetering on bankruptcy HTC!!!

      1. Exactly let’s hope it’s just a limited time carrier exclusive as a test trial run

  2. So which phone is better, this or the One M8? Of course the M8 wins in build quality, but the camera is a bit of a miss.

    1. Agreed. Ever since HTC started using the UltraPixel sensors picture quality has been bad. My HTC Incredible phones had far superior pictures

    2. We’ll have to wait and see about the speakers too. Yeah, they’re still “boomsound” and front facing, but they are smaller. We just can’t know which is “better” yet, although it appears it’s going to be a tight race.

  3. and exclusivity killed this phone before it even launched. I wouldn’t buy it either way though lol

  4. When will these companies learn exclusively only works for iPhone and even they realized they needed the other companies. Look at what just happened to the fire phone its being used to prop up the other phone displays because no one is buying it

  5. HTC must have a death wish. First releasing a phone exclusive to ATT. Then trying to compete with GoPro. The insanity never stops

  6. What is HTC waiting for?
    Samsung to announce & release a similar phone before this one hits the market?

    1. It is a hit but it should have more battery (it’s really a pain for people who use the phone a lot ! ) I guess is a phone for yournger people- under 35- so i hope the price will be also competitive. Otherwise, we have always options such as “Selfie phone” but its not than good !

  7. I know everyone is complaining but I trust companies like HTC to know what they are doing. Obviously AT&T is paying them a ton of money for the rights to have this exclusive. I’m sure they know about how many they will sell and thought it was a good deal.

    I do wish phones by law had to be available on every carrier, or at the very least availalbe after 14 to 30 days on other carriers.

  8. HTC might as well just start shutting their doors. Their ship is sinking faster than a South Korean ferry

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