AT&T offers huge double data promotion until the end of October



AT&T’s name doesn’t exactly scream value up against the likes of Sprint and T-Mobile, but it sure looks sweet today. Ma Bell has kicked off a huge double data promotion that will net you double the normal data of mobile share plans between 15GB and 50GB until the end of October. The plan is available for both new and existing customers, with the latter crop of folks even able to receive retroactive bill credits for the data they’ve already been paying for. Here’s how the plans now break down:

  • 15GB for $130 becomes 30GB
  • 20GB for $140 becomes 40GB
  • 30GB for $225 becomes 60GB
  • 40GB for $300 becomes 80GB
  • 50GB for $375 becomes 100GB

Of course, all these plans come with a smartphone access charge of $15 per month for AT&T Next and no-contract customers or $40 per month for those on two-year contracts, but note that it also includes both unlimited talk and text for all lines.

Even better is the fact that the plans won’t last for a mere couple of years or so — AT&T says it’s yours to keep for as long as you keep service. Doesn’t sound too bad if you’ve been missing unlimited data and need a little more breathing room for month to month. The promotion began yesterday so be sure to call AT&T or stop by a store to get hooked up. There’s no telling when a promotion like this will make its way back onto the deals table so don’t lollygag on getting going with it.

[via AT&T]

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  1. It’s not a good deal by any stretch of the imagination. I’m in Canada and I pay monthly contract $60 CAD for:

    200 daytime
    Unlimited talk after 6PM until 7AM
    Unlimited talk Weekend
    MY10 canada wide
    Unlimited text message, picture, video
    6Gb Data

    I don’t even think my plan is good either compared to many other comparable first world countries.

    1. Sadly in America it is a good deal, if you need that much data of course.

    2. So, Jason, if there are five of you in your family, that’s $300 CAD, for all of the restrictions that you mentioned, with 30 GB of non-shareable data. There are five in my family, we have unlimited talk and text, 30 GB of data to share, and we will pay about $200 for this. Just because it doesn’t work for you does not mean it’s not a good deal for everyone else.

      1. I hear you. How much does adding a line to your shared plan cost though? My $60 plan is for an individual so it’s not comparable to family plans. Even if it’s zero, how do you feel about expensing the equivalent of a monthly car payment just to keep your family connected? The only difference is the payments don’t end in 5 years and you don’t end up with an asset you can resell. My point is that cellular services are way too high for its value. You may value it differently but I’m comparing it to another good for sale.

        1. I understand. You are single, I am not. However, my plan has my parents and my 26-year-old son on it, so we are all sharing the costs of it. After my 17% corporate discount, our plan is $183, plus taxes. My wife and I are really only paying about $80 per month for our two lines. If we want to add another line, it’s only $15 per line (up to a total of ten). I would do this in a heartbeat for my daughter and her husband, but they are forced to use Verizon because of their location.

          As to your last statement, it appears that the prices are NOT too high, because we numbskulls keep paying them!!! Just like petrol, we’ll b**** about it, but keep buying it. :)

    3. Until you get 3 people on the plan. For yours (I am only guessing)it would be $180 for 18 GB, and with this it would be $175 for 30GB. The more people you add, the more the difference it makes. They are certainly not the best value if you aren’t on a family plan. We have 7, and would pay $235, or less than $35 per person. I’m happy with that.

  2. Deliciously delectable deal for an account with multiple lines

  3. Maybe this will spur Verizon to offer a limited time data deal. I can only hope.

  4. I have 5 lines on my account and I just switched this morning from 10gb – $100 to the 15gb/30gb for $130 a month. This is a tremendous upgrade for only $30 over 5 lines.

  5. Throw us 10 GB and lower plan users a bone AT&T!

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