Is this guy using a Nexus 6?


nexus 6 leak

I have a confession. A deep, dark, twisted and sadistic confession. Ready? I have a strange infatuation with seeing devices in the wild. I get all giddy when it happens, even if it’s a device I have no plans to purchase at any point in the future. So when a purported Nexus 6 is roaming around that just drives me absolutely nuts.

The photo above was obtained by Android Police, and it looks like it matches up quite accurately with the report we wrote on yesterday’s leak. The device is sporting dual front-facing speakers just as rumors have said to expect on the Nexus 6, and it even features the recent build of Android L we got a glimpse of earlier today.

The device is no doubt being snuggled by a protective case likely used to try and hide its identity as much as protecting the hardware from damage. The case design does reveal that the buttons for power and volume are positioned more toward the middle of the device to make them more comfortable to reach — this thing is supposed to be a 5.9-inch WHALE of a phone, after all. See what I did there? Codename “shamu?” Whale? No? Well, it was worth a shot.

All that aside, it’s looking more and more likely that this is the Nexus device Google is prepared to introduce at some point this fall. We’re hopeful for an announcement within a month’s time, but beggars can’t be choosers — let’s just cross our fingers that this thing is actually real and Google is planning to release it before the winter months arrive (though with how many leaks are starting to spring up we’d say there’s nothing to worry about).

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I believe you and I both do Q. I don’t want to buy this monstrosity, but dammit, I’m excited as hell. https://inittoloseit13.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/gif-5.gif

    1. I’m not excited at all. That picture confirms that the device is way too big. I hope they don’t make the Nexus 7 phone as big as the tablet.

      1. They fucked themselves with their naming convention. There will be never a Nexus 7 phone since the Nexus 7 is supposed to be just a tablet.

        Let’s hope they’ll be a new Nexus 4 or 5 that hasn’t been leaked yet.

        1. It’s becoming less and less likely that that’s going to happen. What a shame. I was looking forward to getting this device but now I’ll have wait for the next Nexus. Hopefully Google will come to their senses.

          1. The Moto X Pure Edition is basically a miniature Nexus 6. I have that coming in a few days. It gets fast updates (Motorola beat the Nexus 4 to KitKat). The bootloader is unlockable. It has factory images (well, the 2013 version did, we have to wait and see about 2014). And, it’s cheaper than most other flagships.

          2. I usually get three phones a year and one is always a Nexus but not this year. I ordered my Moto X on the first day it was available for preorder and it still hasn’t arrive yet. I also think that phone is too big. The Moto X 2013 is the perfect size.

          3. I think I’m going with the Z3 Compact this year. So long, Nexus…

          4. Moto X doesn’t have Qi.

      1. Did we just become best friends?

  2. Gimme Gimme Gimme.

  3. That thing looks quite manageable size wise. Looks to be about the same size as my Note 3 and thats just peachy for me.

    Seems the size comparison stacks up shall we say “remarkably well” against the competition.


      1. Going strictly by the photo in the article,with the case, it’s approaching OPPO N1 territory.
        If the rumored screen size is indeed 5.9″,I’d say the overall size is somewhere between what you posted & the above photo.
        Either way, no getting around it, if it’s sporting a 5.9″screen,it’s gonna be a big phone, bigger than the NOTE4 & probably as wide as the NOTE EDGE @ 3.25″.

      2. I still think the scale may be a bit off. Having both the OnePlus One and 6 Plus, they don’t seem to be as far apart on height as this comparison shows. Maybe I’m crazy though. Meh.

    1. Or this:

  4. At this point I’d say there is no more speculation about whether or not Google will be releasing this as a nexus phone, it’s just whether it will be the only nexus phone released.

    1. Hoping there’s a smaller Nexus, I’ve held off upgrading for so long that the wait better not be for nothing.

      1. At least you’ll be able to pick up the N5 for cheap.

  5. I don’t care I just want it.

  6. At least it looks like it is not fatter but longer, I bet some clever person will come up with a case that can slide downward a few inches when held (kind of tension point where a finger pushes a button releasing the tension and the phone can be slide up or down while holding the button but when released it retains it in its current position) so the top of the phone can be easier reached without moving your hand. Or for God sake, copy Crapple and make the top part of the page/screen slide down when the home button is held.

    1. I’m totally on board with Google copying Apple’s Reachability feature. These phones are getting huge, so that would help a lot.

      1. Copying? Android had the ability before the iPhone was even released.

        1. No, Apple invents everything.

        2. Really? Cool. How do I find it and use it?

          1. Settings / Sound and Display / One-Handed operation Oh, I don’t use it, but knew it exists.

          2. This only adjust the dialer, keyboard, and lockscreen. (I have an LG G2. Those are the options available). Reachability makes the entire UI accessible for one handed use.

          3. Samsung Galaxy S5 seems to do more than that. Here’s my homescreen. Tested and it works with other apps too.

          4. Which brings me back to my point. I hope Google implements something at the core Android level.

          5. Given the link provided by @hemipw54 (thank you) that would indicate that the functionality does exist at the core level. It would more likely indicate that LG did something to limit its functionality.

          6. Think Samsung is going to share this UI with the Android community or is it proprietary?
            Is there an apk?

      2. A copy is an image of the original. Mimicking would be better to say. Where they are trying to copy, but it’s still different. Though I don’t really think it matters. If you ever think about features, random developers came out with them first. Thumb Keyboard has had this feature for like ever.

        All these companies have mimicked, and some even copied, what developers have made apps of and put them into the OS itself.

        So is Google “copying” Apple or are the “copying” the app developers?

    2. Screw that. Just use Nova Launcher and make the swipe down with one finger gesture bring down your notification panel. Easy as pie.

  7. It’s too f#@5!*& big!

    1. Said by a guy that’s probably average to above average in stature. While millions of Asian women in the far east use phones this size or larger with no issues and complaints about size.

      1. That’s because women, in general, prefer everything to be bigger, especially down there, jackass.

        Pop quiz: Which gender likes to drive a SUV or minivan more? Hint: Pay attention the next time you’re on the road.

        1. Men drive even bigger pick ups, and that’s to make up for something.

          How bout we quit the dumb assumptions. You’re both wrong.

        2. From experience, it’s not really about preference, but about necessity. Women still to the bulk of the daily parenting, including shuttling kids to school/friends/activities. Often this includes equipment and friends, as well.

      2. Those women also either have them in bags or carry them in their hands all the time.

  8. Good enough for my hands.

    1. Too big for my pockets, though. Then again I was planning on buying some new jeans anyway. Maybe I’ll buy ones with decently sized pockets, haha.

  9. Black level on the nav bar suggests LCD not AMOLED me thinks….

    1. Meesa thinks yousa right about de screen.

  10. Happy first birthday, N5. We’ll celebrate while boxing you up to go to your next owner while I get acquainted with your replacement.

  11. I’m not upgrading to the Note 4 from my Note 3 because of the rear facing speaker, which I hate more than onscreen buttons, so this might be the ticket. Samsungs feature of sliding in and out from the side to shrink everything down to a 4 inch screen is better than crApple’s imo. I can’t believe no one noticed that the power and volume buttons appear to be angled towards the front of the phone for easier pressing. Nice touch (or special case?).

    1. Trick of the light I think

      1. Trick of the light with the case thats on the device.

    2. Agree with you on the “one handed operation”… Apples solution + their location of the back button is a lame… gotta reach waaaay across the lower-right of the screen too often. However, I can’t imagine stock Android would have a “phablet feature” like Samsung’s Note’s have.

  12. Daddy just did 4 overtimes this month ($400 a pop). Guess what I’m buying myself this or next month?

  13. It can’t be a nexus if the battery is full at 5:42

  14. 5″ please. Why not give Sony a chance for Nexus? (Xperia Z3 is a killer phone)

  15. From the render to the leaked photos, it looks like the phone in the actual picture has a much smaller bottom bezel vs the render. That very small bottom bezel is going to make the screen a lot easier to handle than most large phones. It’s still going to be a large phone but that tiny bottom bezel with the speaker is going to go a long ways to making the phone easier to handle.

  16. Hey next time you bump into the guy, ask him if it has wireless charging.


  17. If LG could do it with their G3, why does it seem *impossible* for Google to do it with their Nexus line?! That is, the continued HUGE top and bottom bezels? Is this a gaming feature for obvious reasons? I don’t get it – and I don’t like it.

    That said, money talks. If it’s cheaper than the Moto X (and I’m not sure even if we can buy that in our neck of the woods), will this be my next phone? I have seen the iP6+ and it’s gigantic; and I used to think Samsung’s devices were massive!

    Why would Google create a 6″ phone when they’ve already got a 7″ tablet? It’s not logical! I can opt to not buy it though, and that’s a shame.

    1. There’s barely a bezel on the bottom or top, but you do have to take into consideration that those bezels are housing speakers, too. The bottom bezel may seem larger, bit the nav bar is there, also.

  18. Free Willy!

  19. “but beggars can’t be choosers”

    Well, if “beggars” are the consumers, they most definitely can be choosers. Go capitalism.

    1. You get an up vote just for your avatar.

      1. Cool Moroni avatar there! LDS here too.

  20. ” I have a confession. A deep, dark, twisted and sadistic confession. Ready? I have a strange infatuation with seeing devices in the wild. I get all giddy when it happens,” Kinda like a voyeur, but for phones :D

  21. if the nexus 6 going to be 5.9” , i can start searching for a new manufacturer and a model. -____- …..5,9” is just d’oh.
    i hope this is just a moto model…and not the next nexus…

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